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There are many different ride-on toys for 2-year-olds. The best ones help teach balance and coordination. Most 2-year-olds will become strong and coordinated enough to try a balance bike during their second year. Still, others won’t figure it out until later. These balance bikes are real crowd-pleasers, but the best models are upwards of $100, and you’ll also need to buy a helmet.

Some little kids learn to balance better when their feet are closer to the ground. Many toddlers like to ride on a scooter, so you might want to get them one. The most popular toddler scooter on Amazon is height adjustable, so it can grow with the child. When giving this present, it’s also a good idea to include a helmet.

These will be too advanced for those just turning 2, but almost-3-year-olds may like them.

To move the car, you move the steering wheel back and forth. Many parents also said they would ride these wiggle cars around with toddlers in their laps, to everyone’s delight.

People who bike often say that it is more important for kids to learn how to balance and control their bodies than to steer and pedal a bike when they are young. But that doesn’t mean that tricycles aren’t still a popular option for 2-year-olds.

Some parents choose to buy a trike that has a handle. When the toddler gets tired of pedaling, the parent can carry the bike and the toddler.

This toy car is perfect for children who are just learning to drive. It will keep them occupied for hours as they try to figure out how to make it go.

This inflatable horse is popular and good for young toddlers who want to practice balancing. It is less risky than other rocking horses, so your toddler can have more fun.

These can be entertaining and exciting gifts if you have a little extra money to spend and don’t mind if the person develops their motor abilities. The age suggestions vary depending on the manufacturer, so it is important to check before purchasing.

Even though they don’t encourage as much exercise as some of the other toys on this list, these play cars last long and don’t require batteries. Plus, they’re perfect for imaginative play.

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe is a toy that many of us recognize. It is available in different colors and styles today.

This tricycle is great for children who are 9 months old to 5 years old. The accessories can be removed so the tricycle can grow with your child.

The accessories for this children’s tricycle include a UV canopy, wrap-around tray, headrest and seat belt, footrest, and parent push handle. This is perfect for going outside because it has high-density foam tires that provide a quiet, smooth ride. The parent-controlled steering is ideal for the younger set but can be removed when the child is ready to take off on their own.

This Harley Davidson pedal-powered trike will make a big impression on the neighborhood gang! Little riders will have a blast with its oversized pedals and stable wheelbase. The cool Harley decals make this a stand-out big wheel.

This giraffe-themed scooter toy is a winner with younger children. It has oversized wheels in the back and two smaller wheels in the front, providing stability for the child. The toy also includes a wheel guard for safety. Your child can have fun and learn coordination, balance, and large motor skills on this ride-on toy that can be used indoors or outdoors. There are customizable “spot” decals to add some extra fun!

This ride-on toy is perfect for young kids. Every time the music plays, it has realistic landing and lift-off sounds, propellers, and a moving Mickey. Plus, it has shifting gears and revving noises.

This is a luxurious rocking horse that is made with soft fabric. The mane and tail are made out of soft faux suede. It is perfect for your child’s development because they can feel the different textures. The rocking horse also comes with a sturdy wooden frame and detachable footplates that can be removed as your child grows. Some models even come with a little plush pal who lives in the pocket on the side!

This toy ride-on interacts with your child. Depending on how fast they go, they will hear different sounds. There is a steel frame and EZ climb step for easy on and off, and the springs are covered to prevent injuries. The toy comes with accessories like a comb and a carrot that make sound effects when used.

This tractor toy is perfect for a child just learning how to balance. It has two wheels in the back and two wheels in the front, making it easier to stay upright. Plus, it’s easy to assemble!

There are two sections to the VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train. The engine is in the front, with all the lights, noises, and fun. There are piano keys, a clock hand turning, spinning beads on a bar, a book, and gears. There’s also a removable number pad with a charming small walkie-talkie. Your youngster will learn about everything from the weather to animals to trains!

Some of the ride-ons require a little assistance from mom or dad. An adult drives the Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car for 2-year-olds. This car has a large grip on the back for parents to push. The handle can be folded down under the automobile for more compact storage.
There are four quiet wheels on this vehicle. The cab of car is spacious enough for a child. Two cup holders, storage space under the hood, and a horn for your child to honk are all included. During automobile travels, a safety belt keeps your child secure.
This is a huge toy car that may be ridden on. It’s a terrific game for your child to play alone or with you. Its design gives it the appearance of a genuine car, which 2-year-olds adore! It’s roughly 17 pounds and fairly large. It will suit your youngster until they are four years old or weigh fifty pounds.

The pony is made of soft materials with a nice mane and tail. The eyes are sewn on, so they’re not creepy. It has easy-to-grip wood handles and sings a cute “I’m a Little Pony” tune, and says various phrases when you pinch the ears. Toddlers adore the fact that their horsey’s mouth moves when they speak!

This ride-on toy has four wheels and moves around easily. You can also change it into a rocking horse by locking the horse onto the base. The base has non-slip footsteps for easy gripping and safety.

A 6-volt battery powers the train, traveling at speeds of up to 1 mph on the track and 2 mph on hard floors. That may not sound like much, but that’s virtually racing speed when you’re a two-year-old! It has wide wheels that can work on and off the 18 feet of track that comes with it. You can also purchase an additional track to expand your play area. The track is suitable for younger children who have not yet mastered steering.

This toy car has a steering wheel on each side so your child can control it. It also has a push-button stopping and starting, which makes it easy for them to use. The car makes fun noises and says phrases from Thomas the Train as it moves. Your child can sit comfortably in the single rider seat with the footrests.

If you want, you can buy your child a new toy. A fantastic option is the Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike. It is made of wood and will last for a long time. It also comes in different colors, including natural wood and several shades of green.

This ride-on scooter is perfect for children aged 1 to 3. It can hold up to 45 pounds and gives the feel of a big boy bike.

It has easy-to-grip handlebars and rubber-rimmed wheels. The push-along scooter can aid in muscle development and balance.

This scooter is perfect for toddlers ready to move on to the next step after walking. It does not work as a walker, but it is perfect for riding.

Best Ride-On Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Many little kids want to do what the older kids are doing. So when they see someone on a bike, they might want a bike too. When it comes to selecting a ride-on toy for toddlers, there are numerous alternatives.

The top ride-on toys for 2-year-olds are listed below. Finding time to read this list while caring for a 2-year-old will be the most difficult element of this endeavor.

What Is a Ride-on Toy?

Toddlers learn how to run and walk quickly. And once they can, they love toys that move, like rocks, toy balls, and cars. These toys help them develop their muscles and motor skills. They can also have fun without screens.

You should definitely consider buying a toy that moves, such as a scooter, trike, or rocking horse.

To prevent your child’s ride-on toy from tipping, choose one with a low center of gravity. If needed, some toys have handles for parents to help slow down a toy that is going too fast or pushing a tired toddler. Other popular options include toys that children can push and ride on using their foot power.

Make sure to buy your child safety gear when riding scooters, trikes, and bikes outside. This includes a helmet for their head and knee and elbow pads to protect their body.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Ride-On Toy for a Two-Year-Old

Ride-on toys are not only fun but also helpful for learning. Depending on what the toy offers, these toys help your child develop fine motor skills, balancing, walking, and more.


When buying a ride-on toy for your toddler, the most important thing is that the wheels don’t run on their feet. This is the most important safety rule. Many toy manufacturers do not follow this rule, so check before buying.

Make sure that the wheels on the toy don’t have any gaps. The wheels should also be inwards or wide enough to fit through your child’s foot. These toys sometimes have pushcarts with wheels that need to glide and be stable.

You should own a broad cart that has some weight to it so your baby can lean on it while they take support. If they are lightweight, there is a danger of them tripping over and falling, which may sometimes result in serious injury. Always keep an eye on your kids while they play.


When choosing the material for something, you need to check how strong it is and what it is.

The quality of a material can depend on how well it is made. Different grades of the same material, like plastic, can have different qualities. To make sure you get what you want, it is important to confirm the quality of the material with the manufacturer. You can also read reviews to get some insights.

The composition of this furniture mainly focuses on harmful materials. Kids’ skin is sensitive and can react aggressively to toxic chemicals. So, to avoid any rashes or reactions, make sure the materials used are free of skin-harming chemicals. Additionally, because children chew on their toys, they must be non-toxic.

Age, Height, Weight

The manufacturer provides a general guideline for the age and weight of children who can use their toys safely. However, you should compare your child’s age, height, and weight to see whether they are within the recommended range for ride-on toys. This is because the physical dimensions can affect how well they use the toy.

If you have not finished taking all the measurements, your child might not fit into the seat. If they are taller than average for their age, they might have trouble reaching the pedals. Finally, they may be unable to fit into the seat if they are small.

Ergonomic Design

They must be able to ride comfortably in the ride’s seat. They spend a significant amount of time in the vehicle, so it should be comfy. If it is not comfortable, they will try to avoid the toy altogether. You also don’t want your toddler to have a bad experience. That is why ergonomically designed seating and foot placement are features you should consider.


These toys come with a few features that help your kids’ education. If you want to start early, choose these toys. If you want them to dig, buy them a digger.

There are many different types of toys to choose from. Simply ensure that the item is not overly intricate and does not break apart. If the activity is very complicated, your child may lose interest. Therefore, keep these considerations in mind while purchasing a toy for your child.


The main problem with these toys for elders is that they make a lot of noise. If you don’t mind the noise, you can buy them this toy. However, if you are sensitive to sound, avoid purchasing this toy for them because they will be unable to use it.

You can buy toys that either have control over the volume of silent toys. You can also buy toys that only make honking sounds or a limited number of songs.

This way, you have control over the situation. You can say that things can’t get any worse than that. And your child can enjoy a little bit of fun now and then.


Check where you will use the toy and what kind of surface it will be used on. Choose a toy with wheels that glide well on smooth surfaces if you only use it indoors. If you use it outside on a garden or rocky surface, choose a toy with rough and tough wheels that can handle little dirt.


Once your child has mastered moving forwards and backward on a ride-on toy, it is time to upgrade to one that offers steering control. This will help improve their coordination skills as they learn to move in all directions.


Many kids love Ride-on with storage facilities because they offer a place to store their toys. This helps them learn how to keep things safe and organized. It also teaches them a sense of responsibility for taking care of their belongings.

This helps children to be able to organize their toys and keep them in order.

Battery Operated

There are three types of ride-on toys: non-battery operated, partially battery operated, and completely battery operated. Non-battery-operated toys don’t require maintenance, but they usually have fewer features. It’s up to you to decide what is important to you.

Some battery-operated toys are just a step above the non-battery-operated ones. They have some interactivity that makes them more interesting to play with. But the more entertainment a toy has, the fewer exercise benefits it provides.

For example, if you think that physical activity is important and want to buy a toy that will help, choose a toy that does not need batteries. If you want a ride-on toy for educational purposes and plan to use it for physical fitness, choose a battery-operated toy with educational benefits.


No matter what toy you choose for your 2-year-old, they will be sure to love it. There are many different kinds of toys to choose from, so it is important to think about what your child would enjoy the most.

Another thing to consider is if you want to deal with batteries. Many ride-on toys require batteries, so you should choose a quieter, plusher toy if that’s not your style.

Once you have decided what is best for your child, they will have a lot of fun.

Click here to learn more about how to teach your toddler how to use ride-on toys.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ride On Toys For 2-Year-Old.

What Age Group Are Ride-On Toys?

If a child is ten months old or younger, buying a toddler riding toy is not recommended. This is because, at that age, the child has not developed balance enough to help them sit up. If they fall off, it can be very dangerous.

At What Age Do Toddlers Learn To Pedal?

When your child can balance, glide, and stop on a balance bike, they can progress to a pedal bike. This normally occurs between the ages of three and six.

Why Do Toddlers Sit on Toys?

The right ride-on toy can provide kids with hours of fun while learning to balance, walk, and stand. These toys can help kids develop their gross motor skills and their balance and coordination.

Can a 2-Year-Old Ride on a Motorcycle?

It is lawful for children to ride as passengers on motorcycles in California. However, even though California requires that all children under the age of eight wear safety restraint harness in motor vehicles, this law does not apply to motorcycles.

What Age Is a Ride on Cars For?

Ride-on vehicles are toys that include cars, trucks, tractors, and other vehicles. They are for boys and girls of different ages, from 1 to 6 years old, and even older kids.

What Is the Biggest Ride-On Toy for Kids?

The original 24-Volt Super Car XXL ride-on is an electric car designed for a bit older kids. It goes up to 10 MPH, which is three times faster than the average ride-on car! These two adjustable seats have everything, from working headlights and brake lights to functioning doors.

How Many Toys Should a 2-Year Old Have?

To have a nice time, you don’t need a lot of gadgets. In fact, some studies have shown that having fewer toys can actually make toddlers play with each toy more and come up with more creative ideas.

What Age Is Electric Ride-On For?

Electric fun ride-on cars for children aged 3 and up are a lot of fun. They have features that will keep your child entertained while they drive. Look for cars with realistic engine sounds, working headlights, and MP3 slots. Remember that children can handle cars that go at a moderate speed at this age.

At What Age Should a Child Stop Playing With Stuffed Animals?

Most kids will stop needing a comfort object like a plushie or blanket by the time they are 10 years old. But some kids will continue to sleep with their comfort objects for much longer.

Why Do Toddlers Love Balls?

Playing with balls helps kids’ motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing. This is important for their development. They will benefit from their abilities from playing with balls when they play with other children.

Why Are Sensory Balls Good for Babies?

Using balls sized for little hands helps babies develop their fine motor skills. They learn how to hold on to the ball, roll it, and drop it.

Can a Two-year-old Ride-on?

Riding toys help children become more independent. Children can learn to get on and off the toy by themselves. Most of the time, riding toys are pushed or steered by the child, giving control to the toddler. As your toddler becomes more independent, always keep safety in mind.

What Is an Appropriate Toy for a 2-year-old?

Certain aspects of what children might be interested in can be predicted. For example, children aged 2 generally like illustrated children’s books, animal figurine sets, finger puppets, brightly colored bath toys, alphabet blocks, crayon sets, and simple musical instruments like mini drums or xylophones.

What Age Group Is a Ride-on Toy?

You can give your child a ride-on car when they are 18 months old. Some can start using it at the age of 12 months. It is dependent on the child’s size. The cool part about having a remote control is that even very young children can enjoy the car. Their feet don’t have to reach the pedals for them to be able to use it.

Are Ride-on Toys Good for Toddlers?

Ride-on toys are great for kids’ physical and emotional development. These toys help improve gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and balance. Ride-on is also a lot of fun, which will give your kids a sense of freedom. Kids who ride on these toys become more creative and confident.

What Age Is 12v for?

12-volt electric rides on cars are a popular option for parents. They are suitable for children who are 4 to 6 years old. These cars can reach speeds of 3-5 mph.

What Age Is a Busy Board for?

Busy boards are for children who are six months old or older. Some toddlers up to age three might also enjoy them. The earlier you begin using the busy board, the more effective it will be. This gives your child a safe place to experiment with the same things they were once told not to touch.

How Many Toys Should a Toddler Have?

You don’t need a certain number of toys to have a good time. In fact, studies have shown that toddlers play with each toy longer and more creatively when they have fewer toys.

Can a 2-year-old Ride a Tricycle?

Most toddlers will develop the gross motor skills needed to start learning to pedal a trike by around 1 or 2 years old. A trike is an excellent way for kids to practice pedaling.

When Can a Toddler Ride a Trike?

Your child may be ready to try a three-wheeler at around three. This is great for their coordination and muscle strength. Plus, they’ll love the extra speed they can get from pedaling.

What Age Should You Get Your First Bike?

This can begin as early as 2.5 or 3 years of age, depending on your child’s interests and abilities. Choose a lightweight one if your youngster is ready to ride a natural pedal cycle.

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