The Best Portable Cribs for Baby

To take care of a child requires a lot of work, but the effort is well worth it. Toddlers need a significant amount of attention, and they can limit your movement. But some things can help make life easier. For example, if you have a portable crib, you can take your toddler to the park or shopping center.

A portable crib’s effectiveness is solely based on the materials and design it’s built with, so mass production might be overwhelming to both novice and seasoned parents. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best portable crib on the market.

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Dream On Me Portable Play Yard
Graco Travel Lite Crib
Lotus Portable Travel Crib
Baby Trend Nursery Center

A Buyer’s Guide

Sleep is critical for the healthy growth of a baby. A crib can look like just a place to put your baby during the day, but at night it might not be the safest place for them to sleep. This buying guide will help you understand portable baby cribs’ do’s and don’ts.

Types of Portable Cribs

The cost of portable cribs can range from $100-$3,000. The price can change depending on the features of the crib.

Affordable cribs

Manufacturers use cheap materials and hardware to produce affordable cribs. Plus, the portable crib designs are usually simple, and the finishes are basic. While you can use lacquer or paint to hide minor cosmetic wood defects, minor finishing flaws are common in this price range.

Mid-price cribs

Within this pricing range, you’ll find various styles of cribs to choose from. Some cribs, such as a daybed or toddler bed, can be transformed into full-size beds. It would help if you searched for a crib with no glue residue or visible nails.

Expensive Cribs

Many high-end cribs are imported from Europe. They have unique finishes. Most high-end manufacturers offer customized cribs, like metal frames and heavy springs, that aim to support their crib mattresses. Additionally, expensive cribs can be converted into other beds too. The only downside is that custom cribs are unlikely to be certified.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Portable Crib

It might be challenging to choose among so many cribs. The following are some factors that may assist you in narrowing down your selection.

Construction and Finishing

Previously, cribs were made only from hardwood because they are easy to paint and sturdy. Cherry, ash, maple, birch, oak, and mahogany are the most prevalent wood species. Nowadays, pine wood cribs are popular. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the stains and paints available colors. Just know that even if a brand claims to have a cherry finish, it does not mean that the crib is made from cherry wood.

Mattress Adjustability

Almost all cribs have adjustable mattress heights. This feature lets you put the mattress in size easy for you to put your baby down on. You can find cribs with two different mattress heights, but three is better.

There are numerous variations of the mattress supports to choose from. The various components that make up a mattress support system are metal bars, wooden slats, and metal frames. There are a variety of materials besides solid wire that can be used to make springs.

Caster Wheels

It is a great feature. Ensure the caster wheels are strong and won’t break when you vacuum underneath or move it around. Caster wheels are essential when your baby is younger than four months old. You should only unlock them when you need to move the crib.

Ease of Assembly

When buying a portable crib, look at the assembly instructions. If they are too complicated, get a different one or ask the retailer if they offer assembly service. If the service is expensive, it might be worth paying for it. Another thing to consider is whether or not the crib will have to be taken apart to be moved. It is essential if you want the crib in your room for the first year and then transfer it to another room after your baby turns one year old.

Top Portable Cribs

Dream On Me Portable Play Yard

Portable cribs don’t have to look plain to be functional and comfortable. The Dream On Me Portable Play Yard comes in many cute colors and designs to match your baby’s style. Its lightweight aluminum frame will stay sturdy once you activate the locking casters. With the airy mesh promoting breathability and letting you keep an eye on your baby at all times, its functional, waterproof nature makes it easy to clean. It is the perfect crib for a restless and messy baby.

  • Features various color options
  • Features padded floor for safety
  • The mesh screen is visible
  • Difficult to lock sides

Graco Travel Lite Crib

Because it can be converted into various goods as your child develops and matures, the Graco Travel Lite Crib is an excellent purchase option. It begins as a crib for newborns, but it may be converted into a bassinet or play yard for infants and toddlers who are a bit older. It is also simple to fold up and fit into a carrying bag. It includes wheels, both of which contribute to its portability. The mesh sides help keep your baby cool, and you can watch them easily. The canopy is one of the crib’s greatest features.

  • Multifunctional crib design
  • Includes a canopy with toys
  • Wheel design promotes mobility
  • It has a thin mattress.

Lotus Portable Travel Crib

The Lotus Portable Travel Crib is an excellent product if you often travel with your child. It’s easy to pack because it folds up. That means it can go through airport security checks. It is versatile because it is spacious enough to be a playpen during the day and for restless babies at night. The crib is also lightweight and made from non-toxic materials, which is suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

  • Perfect for airport travel
  • Sourced from non-toxic materials
  • A thick foam base is excellent for naps
  • It does not have color options

Baby Trend Nursery Center

The Baby Trend Nursery Center is a well-designed baby crib. It has toys to keep an infant busy until they fall asleep and a diaper stacker attached to the crib for emergency changes. You can also take out the sleeping station and turn it into a bassinet for playtime when the child is older. Its lockable wheels promote movement and ease of positioning after setting it up. You can also instantly pack the crib since it has a compact storage design.

  • Easy to install and pack
  • It comes with canopy toys
  • Features attachable diaper holder
  • It does not have a foam bed

The Best Portable Cribs

Traveling with a baby, you’ll need to prepare a lot. It includes packing your baby’s essentials and ensuring they have a comfortable place to sleep and play. It might mean carrying a crib or bassinet with you.

It would be helpful if you kept a few things in mind while you sought a portable cot for your child. The size of the crib is essential, especially if traveling by plane or train. You will also want to find a quick and easy crib to set up so it is ready when you need it. Make sure that the crib is made from high-quality materials and is durable.

Here are some of the best portable cribs on the market:

Guava Lotus Travel Crib

The Guava Lotus Travel Crib is the one that we recommend the most. It is convenient to carry along and quick to put together. It is an excellent choice for journeying. The Lotus has a backpack case that makes it easy to store in a plane’s overhead bin. The Lotus Travel Crib is designed for newborns to three-year-olds or until the child can get out themselves. There is no weight limit because the floor supports the mattress.

This travel crib is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like PVC, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. The mesh sides let you watch your child, while the included foam mattress with a waterproof cover will keep them comfortable. The large zippered side panel makes it easy to get your baby in and out or move them while asleep.

Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet

The Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet is a great travel option for new parents. It is easy to assemble, lightweight and can be used for a safe sleep experience for your newborn until they weigh up to 20 pounds.

Mesh paneling helps you keep an eye on your baby while also keeping them cool. The mesh helps with ventilation. The mesh paneling also has a machine-washable padded mattress and a storage pocket for your baby’s essentials and toys.

Pamo Babe Deluxe Portable Nursery Center

The three-in-one portable crib is of great value. It costs less than $80 and comes with a crib, bassinet, and changing station. Plus, it has a mobile to help babies fall asleep. The space-saving design fits any room and can be quickly assembled, collapsed, and transported thanks to its folding legs and carrying case.

Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

Many shoppers recommend it for air travel because it is compact and fits easily in a row. In addition, it has sides made of breathable mesh and a firm mattress pad resistant to water. It weighs slightly more than 3 pounds and can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds.

BabyBjörn Light Travel Crib

It is a lightweight and comfortable portable travel crib. It is one of the best options on the market right now. The foam mattress is soft and durable. The cover is also machine-washable in case of mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Cribs For Baby

How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Portable Crib?

When a baby weighs 30 pounds, is 35 inches tall, or is between the ages of 2 and 3, they should stop sleeping in their pack n play.

What’s the Difference Between a Travel Crib and Pack and Play?

The main difference between travel cribs and pack ‘n plays is that travel cribs are much lighter and easier to move around. It makes them perfect for taking on vacation. Pack’ n Plays are also portable but heavier and more challenging to move around.

What Age Is a Mini Crib for?

A little one can use a mini crib until they are ready to transition to a toddler or twin bed. It usually happens when they are around two- to three years old or when they start climbing the rails. Some variants can be transformed into a toddler bed, headboard, and footboard for a twin bed.

What Are Convertible Cribs?

A convertible crib can convert into a different type of bed. When your baby is ready for a toddler bed, you can turn the crib into its next stage by following the instructions.

Can Graco Pack and Play Be Use as a Crib?

Yes! A newborn baby can sleep in a Pack N Play. It is just like a crib or bassinet. The Pack N Play is federally regulated for infant sleep.

Is BabyBjorn Travel Crib Safe for Sleep?

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light is a safe place for babies to sleep and play when they’re not at home. It is an excellent product if you travel a lot because it’s small and easy to carry around.

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