The Best Wipes Warmer: Keep Your Baby Clean and Comfortable

Changing a baby’s diaper can be difficult. One thing that you should avoid is using cold wipes on their bottom. It can be uncomfortable for them, and it might not be something they are expecting.

This guide is designed to help you find a wipe warmer that meets your needs. But before we look at the best options, let’s take a closer look at how a wipe more benevolent works.

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Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer
Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser
Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer
Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer

How do They Work?

A wipe warmer is a rigid plastic container that looks similar to a baby wipe box. It is designed to keep wipes from drying out. The warmer uses moisture from a sponge in most models, placed on the top of the warmer.

The heat makes the moisture in the sponge move around. This keeps the wipes wet. Some more expensive models have a machine that sprays water on the wipes, but they cost more.

It is essential to keep the wipes moist no matter how you do it. The warmer needs to be closed when it is not in use so the moisture can circulate, and the wipes will stay wet for your baby.

The wipes will never dry out if you use the device properly. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the warmer you select.

Wipe Warmer Tips

Safety First

Remember, a wipe warmer is an electrical device. This means that it has the potential to cause a fire if it is not used safely. Make sure to place the more generous in an area where there is no chance of it causing a fire.

It is essential to follow the instructions included in the packaging when using a wipe warmer. If you do not follow the instructions, you could be at risk for fire or electrocution.

Since your baby’s safety is always essential, it is necessary to ensure that any product you are using is not putting them in danger. When you are not using the wipe warmer, unplug it.

This will protect your home in case of a fire, and it will also keep the wipes from drying out when you are not using them. If you plan to be away from home for the day, turn off the wipe warmer until you return so that the wipes are soft and comfortable against your baby’s bottom.

Maintaining Soft Wipes

Make sure that the device you select always has moisture inside it. Water will help the wipes stay moist. If the device you choose doesn’t have a sponge, you can put a small amount of water in the base.

Be careful when adding water to the warmer. If you put the water in the wrong place, it can lead to electrocution. When you add water to the more generous, make sure that you do not pour it directly onto the wipes because that could cause them to stay wet and irritate your baby’s bottom.

Never Overfill the Warmer

If you fill your new warmer with too many wipes, it will not work as well as it should. This is because the wipes will be too close to the heat, which will make them dry out more quickly. This means that you might end up throwing dried-out wipes away.

If you put too many wipes in the dispenser, it will be hard to pull them out. This might not seem like a big deal, but it will be annoying when trying to wipe your baby’s bottom.

Keep the Warmer Free from Bacteria

The moist, warm air inside a wipe warmer can create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. This bacteria could be harmful to your baby.

A good parent never wants to use a dirty cloth on their child, so you need to clean it regularly. The warmer should be cleaned every time you refill the wipes.

To clean your device, wipe it down entirely inside and out. Be careful not to damage the surface with any harsh cleaners. This is an excellent place for bacteria to grow, which could cause mold and make your child sick.

If you see mold inside the wipe warmer, stop using it. If you can’t get rid of the mold, try these non-toxic methods to clean it.

Invest in a Device with a Lighting System

The wipe warmer is likely to be positioned in the nursery. You may want a lighting system on the device that makes it easy to maneuver in the dark. Some lighting systems turn off after a certain amount of time, but this can cause you not to be able to see what you are doing if you need to use it at night.

Before you make a purchase, think about what you need. If your baby is sleeping in your room, a light could keep you from getting enough sleep. So you might want to avoid it.

Best Wipe Warmer Reviews

1. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

One of the defining features of the Munchkin Warmer Glows warmer is its unique heating system. Understanding how this more benevolent works differently from most other baby wipe warmers is essential. Most warm from below, but this device warms from above. This allows for the material of the wipe to be heated much faster.

  • It unplugs from the device’s body rather than from the wall.
  • Wipes warm up quickly, which frees up some time for busy parents.
  • It has a ten-minute light, perfect for a bit of illumination during late-night changings.
  • There is a tendency for the heating element to dry out the wipes if you leave it on too long.
  • The light is a little dim.
  • The top is flimsy and can break.

2. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

One neat feature of the Hiccapop Wipe Warmer is its bright light. This light can be bright enough to help you see what you’re doing, but it’s not too optimistic that it will bother your baby. Another neat feature is that this warmer can hold any brand of wipe, which is convenient.

This warmer heats from the top, which means that the top wipes will warm up quickest. The warmer also has a silicone seal to prevent the wipes from drying out or turning brown.

  • This also features a window to visually check how many wipes you have left.
  • Its light shuts off automatically after ten minutes have elapsed.
  • The body of the warmer is BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.
  • While it heats from the top, the wipes can cool rather quickly.
  • The cord doesn’t unplug from the body of the wipe warmer.
  • Since the element is at the top, it doesn’t heat the lower ones as effectively as you use your wipes.

3. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

This Prince Lionheart warmer can warm cloth wipes and paper ones. This feature is helpful for parents who want to avoid wasting paper and want to try a more sustainable solution for their baby.

The Prince Lionheart wipes that come with this warmer are made of a soft blend of rayon and bamboo. This makes the wipes absorbent for your baby’s bottom. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, this wipe warmer is a great option.

  • The rayon and bamboo blend is more absorbent than cotton.
  • A micropore pillow at this unit’s base has been treated to inhibit the growth and repel microbes.
  • This pillow will also absorb excess moisture.
  • The micropore pillow can grow a pink mold. This mold doesn’t seem to get on the wipes.
  • Excess water can cause corrosion in the device, which will cause it to break.
  • It tends to break down after a year or so of use.

4. Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer

This wipe warmer comes in two colors: baby blue and bright pink. These are two colors that are often used in nurseries.

The machine heats the pads with steam to about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a two-lid system. One lid fills the machine with water, and the other is for dispensing the wipes.

  • This product can hold up to 80 wipes at a time.
  • It has a burn-free temperature lock so that your wipes won’t dry out or turn brown from too much heat.
  • The indicator light tells you when the device is in operation so that it isn’t left on.
  • Moisture can collect at the bottom of the device.
  • The pad at the bottom can be almost burning hot.
  • The dispensing lid is a bit clumsy-feeling.

5. Dexbaby Wipe Warmer

The Dexbaby Wipe Warmer is a suitable device with different baby wipes. This warmer doesn’t have a latch, so you don’t have to fight with it when trying to get wipes. You can flip it up and take the number of wipes you need.

The size of the warmer’s window is precise; you can see how many wipes are left. This is another top warming model, which can be helpful for those who want a faster warm-up process.


  • This product won’t dry out or have brown wipes.
  • The light is nice and bright, but not too bright to disturb your baby.
  • Keeps your wipes at a very even temperature that’s not too cold or hot.


  • The wipes can be a little hard to pull out.
  • There is a tendency for the lower wipes not to get as warm.
  • Wipes can dry out – you may have to add water.

How to Evaluate a Wipe Warmer

There are additional considerations when selecting the most appropriate wipe warmer for a nursery.


How large is the unit, and will it fit in your changing station?

Top or Base Heating

Some dispensers warm the wipes from the top, while others warm them from the bottom. Generally, warming from the top will only warm the first few wipes in a pack, which is sufficient for most diaper changes. If you use many wipes per session, however, you may want to select a model that warms from the bottom up and heats the entire stack simultaneously.

Wipe Ability

Consider the number of wipes the warmer can accommodate. Too few will necessitate an inconvenient amount of refills of the holder (and risk being without a wipe amid a poop blowout). If you use too many, you may wind up with dried-out or discolored wipes.

Combined Nightlight

Many versions include a built-in nightlight, which can be useful for nighttime diaper changes. However, this feature is unnecessary if you only plan to use the warmer during the day or have another light source that you prefer for evenings. Additionally, it is essential to examine the color of the nightlight since sensitive infants can become overstimulated by bright lights at night.

Temperature Control

Even though all wipe warmers will heat your wipes, there is a complexity to the heating that you should be aware of. Can the temperature of the warmer be adjusted? Otherwise, how heated do the wipes become? It is also important to know how long it takes for the stack of wipes to heat up after the device has been turned on.


Obviously, price is always a factor to consider. When considering the expense of a wipe warmer, evaluate the other variables above to assess what you and your child value most and what you can do without. This will help justify a higher price or convince you that a less expensive model is sufficient for your needs.

While I did not personally try all the below wipe warmers on my infant, I combed these devices’ web evaluations. I compiled this list based on the highest-rated goods with the most important features for parents.

Anti-Microbial Lining

It is preferable to get a wipe warmer with an anti-microbial lining; however, this is not always the case. Mold and germs can thrive in a warmer, humid atmosphere. Hence, an anti-microbial lining is necessary to avoid this.


During long evenings with a baby, a nightlight is vital to see what you’re doing without turning on a stronger light that could frighten your child. Many wipe warmers have nightlights, but not all include an auto-off feature.

Viewing Window

A viewing window is not required in a wipe warmer. Still, it is extremely useful for determining how many wipes remain before restocking. A simple peek at the warmer before bedtime reveals whether or not you need to replenish supplies for the night.

Large Capacity for Wet Wipes

The ideal baby wipe warmer should accommodate a large number of wipes. Alternatively, if the room is limited, you may pick a more small model.

In any event, you should avoid overstuffing your warmer since doing so could cause the wipes to dry out.

Maintains Moisture

Some wipe warmers are equipped with silicone sealing that helps retain moisture. This is excellent for reducing dehydration.

Others expel moisture every time the lid is opened to keep lids moist.

Prevents Harmful Growth

Mold and mildew growth is probable on wipe warmers. Some qualities inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping them away from your infant.

Saves Energy

Parents will want to seek an energy-efficient wipe warmer. Warmers with lights that turn off automatically will be favored for their energy efficiency.

Safe Plug

When infants reach a certain age and begin to crawl, they will get into everything. Playing with electronic equipment is a regular hazard that must be avoided. You should ensure that the socket on your wipe warmer is as tamper-resistant as feasible. The use of low voltage plugs is advised.


Some wipe warmers go beyond simply transforming into portable wipe dispensers.

Heating Method

Different wipe warmers warm the wipes in distinctive ways. Others are top-warming, warming the wipes on top before they reach the bottom. The option you select may depend on personal preference.

In addition to how the warmer heats the wipes, you should choose one that has been proven to heat wipes uniformly and rapidly and maintain their warmth. You will want to avoid warmers that do not heat wipes sufficiently, as they will be frigid when used on your infant. You will also want to avoid warmers that cause browning due to overheating.

Simple Access

When changing a small infant, you are aware of how easily they can roll off the changing table. The last thing you want to be doing during a diaper change is fumbling for a wipe. A wipe warmer with a top that enables easy access to the wipes will make diaper changes safer and more efficient.

Wipe Warmer Maintenance Tips

Don’t overfill: Check your wipe warmer’s user manual for wipe-count restrictions. This information will be included with each warmer, and it is essential to avoid over-stocking your warmer at any point. Overfilling a container can lead to inappropriate or uneven heating, the breaking of hinges or locks, and the browning of the wipes. It is also more difficult to remove wipes from an overfilled unit correctly. Because of this, you may be unable to place a whole package of wipes into the warmer in some instances. If this occurs, you can easily store the remaining wipes in a bag with a zip-seal closure from your kitchen.

Cleaning: When you regularly clean out your wipe warmer, you can help maintain a healthy atmosphere. This might be as simple as following a process once a month where you remove the wipes. Dump any liquid that has been standing, clean the unit, and (most importantly) completely air out the space.

Adding Water: Many of the warmers on this list recommend pouring between a quarter and a half cup of water over the stack of wipes to prevent the wipes from drying out too rapidly. Some warmers offer guidelines for how often they should be used, such as once every other day or whenever they are refilled. One of the mothers in our focus group who uses wipe warmers for her two children shared this helpful advice. When condensation is no longer accumulating on the underside of the retrieval door, it is time to add more water to the device.

Unplug for Non-Use: It is a good idea to unplug the unit if you know you will be gone for more than 24 hours or if you will not be utilizing the wipe warmer. If you leave the warmer plugged in and unattended for more than a day, there is a chance that the wipes will dry up, that the product will overheat, and that there will be a potential fire hazard.

Advantages of Having a Top-quality Wipe Warmer

A baby wipes warmer is an excellent appliance in any nursery. Purchase one of the highest possible quality. You can preserve the wipes you use on your child at the ideal temperature while ensuring they have all of their original wetness. Warm wipes are a great option for several different situations, including the cleaning of your baby’s hands and face after meals as well as the cleaning of a play area. In addition to providing your child with additional comfort during diaper changes, warm wipes also provide an additional benefit. Compared to cold wipes, the warmer liquid evaporates more quickly, making it much easier to clean up after an accident.


Wiper warmers are an excellent convenience for parents who live in colder climates. They keep the wipers from getting out, making a big difference for babies who get irritable quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Wipes Warmer

Are Wipes Warmer Safe?

When choosing a wipe warmer, make sure to research how the warmers in the running combat bacterial growth. This is important because bacteria can cause nasty diaper rashes.

How Do You Keep Wipes Wet in a Wipe Warmer?

You fill a small water reservoir on the front of the wipes warmer. The misting system can be used at any time to moisten the wipes.

How Does the Munchkin Wipe Warmer Work?

This system always warms up to 100 standard baby wipes to have a warm one available. It is safe to use and doesn’t cause the wipes to brown, dry out, or become discolored.

Should I Use a Diaper Warmer?

Wipe warmers could help keep your baby more comfortable during diaper changes and cleanups, but it is not always necessary. Potential safety issues, dry wipes, and other issues can make wipe warmers more hassle than helpful.

How Long Does It Take for a Wipe Warmer to Heat Up?

Most wipe warmers can heat the wipes to a comfortable temperature in two to three hours. However, the amount of time it takes for the wipe warmer to warm up the wipes differs from one model to another.

Are Bottle Warmers Worth It?

Bottle warmers quickly warm your baby’s bottles. This is a nice perk when your little one cries at 3 in the morning. Bottle warmers are also safe because they have built-in features that prevent them from getting too hot. Bottle warmers are also easy to use and reliable.

Do You Need a Baby Wipe Dispenser?

Wet wipes are essential both at home and when you’re on the go. You’ll need a dispenser to keep them handy and organized.

How Long Do I Use WaterWipes for Newborns?

Water wipes are a good choice for babies with sensitive skin. They are made with 99.9% water, and there is no time limit on how long you can use them. If you have noticed a rash or redness after using baby wipes, you may want to switch to gentler water wipes.

Are Bottle Warmers Worth It?

Bottle warmers quickly warm your bottles. This is especially helpful when your baby is crying at 3 a.m. Bottle warmers are also safe because they have built-in features that prevent overheating. Bottle warmers are easy and reliable to use.

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