The Best Outdoor Security Camera System: Keep Your Property Safe

Living in a city can be very busy and fast-paced. More people are renting instead of buying property. When recent graduates move out of their houses, they often look for an affordable apartment or room in a larger residential building. But this can be not easy because there are not many cheap apartments or rooms available. And on top of that, these plans could be followed by situations like not having a safe parking spot. That can make it hard for people to keep their mental health healthy because they might worry about their car or bike.

The best solution is to install a motion sensor/sound sensor security camera to protect your vehicles from damage and theft. Even though you can’t be on guard all the time, the outdoor camera will help keep your car safe.

Security cameras can help keep your property safe. Businesses, hospitals, and hotels have been using them for a long time, and now, homeowners are using them. This blog post put together a list of the best outdoor security cameras. We’ll help you understand all the information you need before buying one. So let’s get started!

How To Find a High-Quality Outdoor Security Camera: A Buyer’s Guide

People who live in the suburbs often do not need to install security systems. But people who live in cities, especially in apartments, need to use security cameras. People in cities often do not have parking spots, and outdoor security cameras work well.

Security cameras can be helpful for businesses. They can help prevent theft and crime. When shopping for a security camera, you should think about how it will be used and what features are most important to you. But don’t worry; this buying guide has everything you need to know before making your purchase!

Why Should You Get an Outdoor Security Camera?

There are a few reasons why you might need a security camera. For example, suppose you own a store. In that case, it is essential to have a security camera for the safety of your store and your customers. Banks, hospitals, grocery stores, malls, and more are other places that need security cameras.

Suppose you’ve ever had your car stolen, or somebody broke into your house, and they got away before you could see them. In that case, you know how important it is to have a security camera.

A decade ago, home security cameras were not very advanced. You could not store footage for free in the cloud, and it wasn’t easy to set up a single camera. Correctly drilling holes in walls, maneuvering cords, and finding an ideal location for your camera was a hassle. Fast forward to 2022- you can set up a security camera before somebody finishes saying the word ‘surveillance.’

You can now get your hands on a wireless security camera that is high quality, has night vision, and is weatherproof. The camera also has motion and audio sensors that notify you if something happens. You can set it up within minutes!

How Do the Best Outdoor Security Cameras Work?

Almost all cameras use wifi to connect to your home network and store videos on the cloud for free. You can then access the footage from your phone or computer. Some models also let you connect the camera using other methods, like an ethernet cable or Bluetooth.

Wireless outdoor security cameras are better than corded ones. Wireless cameras use batteries, which can be quickly taken out and put back in. However, this might not be the best idea because you have to place the camera somewhere people can reach it. And the battery doesn’t last very long in cold weather. There are also Bluetooth security cameras, but you have to be close to them to see what is happening.

Ideally, a camera that is connected to the internet should have wifi. That way, it can connect to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio band. It will give you the most benefits and fewest limitations.

Most wireless security cameras have motion sensors. It means that the camera will start recording as soon as there is any motion. It is good because it means you won’t use up all your storage space quickly. Some companies also add sound sensors to their cameras. The camera will begin recording even if the object is not within the motion sensor range. You can also adjust how sensitive the sound sensor is so that it doesn’t record things like barking dogs or other natural sounds.

Lastly, if your security camera has sound sensors, it also has a microphone. The microphone may or may not allow two-way communication. That’s all you need to know about how security cameras work!

What things should I look for when buying an outdoor security camera?

Before you go out looking for a new outdoor security camera, let’s lay some groundwork with a few critical pieces of information to help you make an informed decision:

  • Connectivity type

Security cameras come in different types of connections. Wired, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and battery-powered are some types. But we prefer wifi because it is the most flexible option.

  • Motion sensor

If you want to be extra sure that your property is safe, you can buy a security camera with a motion sensor. This type of camera starts recording as soon as it sees any movement, which helps to save storage space.

  • Sound sensor

The sound sensor will continue to record even if an object escapes the camera’s view. It is done by layering the suitable sensor over the motion sensor.

  • Resolution

Resolution is how many pixels a camera can record in a single frame. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the picture will be!

  • Weatherproofing

A home security camera needs to be weatherproof. It means that it can resist rain, fog, and harsh weather conditions. If it isn’t weatherproof, it won’t be of much use to you in the long term.

How Much Should You Spend on an Outdoor Security Camera?

Home security cameras can range in price from $100-$400. They are more expensive than indoor security cameras because they must be weatherproof and stand up to outdoor conditions.

There is no one price for security cameras. You can find some for over $400. But don’t just think about the price. Think about if the camera is worth it and if it will help you live better. If it does, you should buy it, even if it costs more than $400.

How Do You Install an Outdoor Security Camera?

If you want to learn how to install an outdoor security camera, watch this video by Vivint.

Top Outdoor Security Cameras

1. SOLIOM Outdoor Security Camera

This solar-powered security camera with battery backup is perfect for outdoor surveillance of your home or business. It’s easy to use, with long-lasting and reliable operation. The camera is small, compact, and easy to set up in most areas for secure recording discreetly.

The SOLUTION Wireless Security Camera has a built-in 4000mAH battery. The initial setup can be complex, but once you’re done, it should work well. It comes with a PIR sensor (motion sensor), 1920 by 1080 HD resolution, and a 160° wide field of vision. It’s a Wi-Fi-enabled, wireless Outdoor security camera that lets you monitor all your spaces remotely.


  • It comes with a reliable 4000mAH solar-powered battery, so you don’t have to fret about any cord/power outlets
  • It features a two-way audio setting and lets you communicate and listen to your visitors
  • An IP66 weatherproof rating backs up the camera; so you won’t be worrying about rainfall/hailfall


  • It doesn’t come with an SD card
  • The cloud storage only stores 20 files for free

2. COOAU Outdoor Security Camera

This outdoor security camera is made by COOAU, a company that makes security and privacy systems. It is made of premium aluminum and is designed to be waterproof. It will protect your house even during heavy rainfall.

This camera is straightforward to set up, and it can work all the time. You don’t need to be near it because it has a solar panel and a battery. The camera also works with wifi networks that use 2.4 GHz. It has good coverage and strong night vision. Plus, the camera can see vast 130 degrees in the dark.


  • Smart motion detection
  • Adjustable alert intensity
  • Well suited for day or night time
  • Built-in anti-noise microphone and speaker, granting 2-way audio and remote access


  • It May is not compatible with 5 GHz wifi

3. REOLINK Spotlight Security Camera

A good security camera can feel safe, even when not home. This tremendous wireless security camera has 2K resolution to see even the most minor details. The spotlight feature lets you see precise details in the dark. It gets activated automatically when an intruder is detected. The best part is that this security camera connects to wifi and sends notifications when someone is detected. Even better is that you can watch up to 7 days of video history.

This security camera can detect a vehicle if it stops near your home, even if it’s dark outside. The camera also has solar panels, so you don’t have to worry about charging it. It’s the perfect security camera for any home!


  • It doesn’t require a charge because solar panels
  • Spotlight gets activated when an intruder is detected
  • Connects to wifi
  • 2k resolution quality


  • Siren could be louder

4. BOIFUN Solar Security Camera

Keep your home safe with this solar-powered security system. This high-quality security system easily lets you monitor all areas of your home with your phone, whether it’s the front or backyard. Plus, the solar panel means that you don’t need to worry about it running out of energy during the day.

The 1080P visuals give you clear images of what is happening outside your home. You can see every detail, even at night. You also get a live feed to watch what is happening when you are not home; if you want to get a better look at something close up, you can zoom in.


  • Solar panels consume less energy
  • High-quality resolutions
  • Improved night visions
  • Live feed


  • I might have problems with playback

5. Netvue Outdoor Security Camera

It is a great security camera that you can use outdoors. It’s waterproof and has a motion detector. It also has night vision, so you can see in the dark and connect to multiple devices. You can even talk to people visiting your home through the camera!

This security camera is perfect for you! It has wifi connectivity, cloud storage, motion detection recording, and night vision, and the image quality is FHD. Plus, it comes with cloud storage and a privacy protection feature that allows you to store your surveillance footage under encrypted algorithms. This security camera is also compatible with Ethernet and Alexa, making it the perfect choice!


  • It comes with Alexa connectivity, as well as compatibility with Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Fire TV
  • The camera offers a 2-way audio feature and has an IP66 weatherproof grading
  • The camera is FHD (1080p) and offers 60-feet night vision


  • This wifi camera requires a wall plug, and it’s not battery powered

6. Amiccom Outdoor Security Camera

The AMICCOM outdoor security camera is a great, affordable option for keeping an eye on your property when you’re not around. It comes with audio and motion sensors, so you can be sure that you’ll catch anything that happens.

This security camera is an excellent choice because it offers high-definition recording, night vision, and two-way audio. It lets you watch what’s going on even when you’re not there. Additionally, the camera can be synced with Android phones, so you can always stay connected. While the audio/motion sensor alerts could be better, this camera is still an excellent value for the price.


  • This camera comes with wifi connectivity, FHD video, and smart sensors at a relatively lower price
  • It can be wall-mounted for optimized secrecy
  • The installation process is a breeze
  • It comes with an IP66 weatherproof grading


  • The customer support at Amiccom

How to Power an Outdoor Security Camera

There are a lot of advantages to installing security cameras around the outside of your house, but up until around five to ten years ago, doing so typically required having a trained expert handle the problematic installation and hardwiring.

Nowadays, with the emphasis placed on do-it-yourself wireless technology, almost anyone can add outdoor cameras to their home. These cameras can be anything from an entire system. It is loaded with sophisticated features to a single high-tech device that can automatically pan and tilt over an area to get coverage up to the second. And it’s all managed using a mobile app.

That is very easy. You should know that not all outdoor cameras are charged the same way. has assessed PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras, wire-free (battery) cameras, plug-in cameras, hardwired cameras, and wireless cameras.

We recommend that you perform a thorough perimeter check around your property, paying particular attention to the placement of any power outlets you find. It is essential if you have a “wireless” camera to be plugged into a wall outlet to function correctly.

Wait, A camera that is wireless but still needs to be connected to the wall? However, I was under the impression that it was wireless?

The terminology used in the security camera market can be confusing, particularly when discussing wireless, Wi-Fi, and wire-free cameras. Keeping track of all those W’s might be difficult. As a result, below is a quick cheat sheet.

Which is better: Wired or Wi-Fi, or Wired Free? What’s the difference?

  • Wireless cameras receive electricity via the Internet, although they may occasionally need to be plugged into a conventional AC outlet.
  • Wi-Fi cameras are examples of wireless cameras, but this does not apply to every single type of wireless camera.
  • Battery-operated cameras are entirely wireless cameras that don’t have any wires connecting them.

Are you still perplexed? It is just one illustration: The Blink wireless camera system is comprised of a battery-powered inside camera, a tiny plug-in camera, a battery-powered outside camera, and a sync module. Our most recent review focused on the Blink wireless camera system. Because they are wireless, we could get everything online in fewer than thirty minutes. That is a lightning-fast install, primarily because both the interior camera and the outside camera are powered by two extended-life AA batteries that can last up to two years.

In addition, we had a gadget that operated without cables, which provided us with great versatility, and we used it to our advantage when we installed the exterior camera. Who uses cables anyway?

It is a standard configuration, but remember that you may also buy a wireless kit from another manufacturer with components other than cameras. For example, a SimpliSafe system comes with alarms, sensors, and cameras. You can set up in a do-it-yourself manner. In this line of work, we must understand your requirements and preferences.

Naturally, as with other technologies powered by batteries, you will need to regularly remember to either replace the batteries or charge the existing ones. It is the same as any other wireless electronic equipment. Several tested cameras have sent us notifications through their mobile apps informing us that the battery life is dangerously low.

The battery-powered and plug-in gadgets that make Ring’s wireless cameras follow a methodology analogous to that of Blink’s. However, after comparing both companies, we did find one significant distinction. Instead of the extended-life batteries used by Blink, the battery cameras sold by Ring use a rechargeable battery pack.

Both of these configurations have their merits, in our opinion. The conclusion we come to is as follows: Built-in, cutting-edge wireless technology makes it simple for the typical homeowner to provide power to outdoor security cameras. It should not give too much of a challenge.

How to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

An outdoor surveillance camera is one of the essential components of our home security system. We’ve tested many of them, including floodlight cams, spotlight cams, stop-speeding-down-my-cul-de-sac cams, and cameras with various functions and uses. We strongly recommend them for dimly lit backyards, front porches, patios, and outdoor recreation areas such as swimming pools and playsets.

But what if you require a camera that you do not like to be seen by thieves? What if you’re dealing with a more bold individual who is not frightened by such deterrents? If you’re wondering how to conceal outdoor security cameras, continue reading!

When you require a more covert arrangement, we provide three suggestions for putting your outside camera into stealth mode.

  • Please place it in a bird feeder or yard decoration. If your camera has a power cord, this may take some creative underground wiring. Still, if you’re comfortable with underground wiring, you might choose this option for 3-dimensional coverage of your yard.
  • Install an exterior camera with illumination. Our favorite is the Ring Floodlight Cam, which illuminated our dark and spooky backyard with brilliant outdoor lights. Ring Floodlight, a two-in-one device, appears less like a camera and more like an attractive light fixture.
  • Go green! Conceal the camera within bushes or tree branches. Nevertheless, a word of warning is always included with this one. You’ll have to watch this camera closely because branches and leaves can quickly move around and hide your live stream.

Suppose you’ve prepared to put in the time and exercise your imagination. In that case, you’ll discover a great place to conceal your outside camera.

The Best Outdoor Security Camera Systems Have These Features

Most home security cameras designed for use outside are outfitted with night vision, motion detectors, and the ability to record high-resolution video. When searching for an outdoor security camera, here are some other qualities you should look for in addition to those already mentioned.

Detection of Movement

Any security camera worth its salt requires a reliable motion detection system. Mobile applications with modern cameras typically make it relatively easy to adjust the camera settings to better suit the user’s preferences and requirements. We now have more options to get the most out of our exterior cameras. It allowed us to do everything from tweaking the sensitivity to mapping out privacy zones to differentiating between people, animals, and cars.

Two-Way Talk

As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly common for security cameras to lack two-way audio, sometimes two-way talk. Because there is nothing better than utilizing our own “outside voice” to frighten potential burglars, we have made no secret that we adore this feature. The primary reason for this is as follows:

Similarly, it is beneficial for situations in which you are attempting to convince an unwelcome visitor that you are at home when there is a possibility that you are not.

Seeing in the dark

Full-color night vision makes it significantly simpler for outdoor security cameras to see in the dark. It is a significant improvement. In our opinion, monitoring your space in full color at night is an experience that can only be grasped through direct inspection, in our opinion. Not all cameras support this feature, and most interior cams do not have it.

High-definition quality

When selecting new security equipment, we devote a disproportionate amount of attention to the quality of the video. The lowest resolution we’ve seen is a standard 720p SimpliCam, which still records in high resolution but is not quite as sharp as the industry-standard 1080p, also known as HD. These days, it is tough for us to find a security camera that does not record video in a high-resolution format. We believe that high definition (HD) is an absolute must for any camera. Suppose you can find a camera that can record at a resolution of up to 1080p. You should be able to acquire trustworthy, fluid, and detailed footage in that situation. Remember that higher resolutions, such as 2K, 5MP, or 4K, are attractive. Still, in most cases, they are useless in the cameras you build yourself.

Video Recording

Because wireless technology is projected to maintain its dominance in the market, we have practically limitless options for recording the video footage we capture. We are no longer restricted to using a single hard drive, such as that found in an NVR or DVR system, to save footage around the clock. These days, many cameras record motion-activated video clips as an easy way for homeowners to keep an eye on themselves.

Cloud Storage

Cloud technology has transformed conventional security cameras into sophisticated electronic devices for the house. The cost of storing camera footage in the cloud is far more affordable than in the past. For instance, a monthly membership to Ring Protect, which allows users to keep video footage, starts at only $3.49 per month. The plans provided by other brands are typically more expensive. Still, the basic line is that if you don’t have an option for local storage like an NVR or microSD, the cloud is always an excellent alternative.

Built-In Siren

Every year sees the introduction of new cameras into the market. Each year, we find that an increasing number of these new cameras come with integrated alarms. It is a development that we see as positive for several reasons, the most important being that sirens are one of the most effective active deterrence measures. You can activate the siren manually. And set to trigger automatically when motion or sound is detected via the mobile app of various cameras, including Arlo, Ring, and the much-loved Nest. Both of these alternatives are available.

Real-time view

This function allows you to access your outdoor security camera remotely and observe what’s happening outside your home, whether it’s the front, back, or anywhere between. Those who travel frequently benefit significantly from the live view capabilities, and naturally curious consumers will find it particularly useful. As the live stream begins, make yourself comfortable, pop some corn, and pull up a chair.


Are you looking for an outdoor security camera that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions? It would help if you got a resistant camera to the elements. The elements have never come up against such a worthy enemy, whether the sun, wind, rain, sleet, or snow (even extremely weak tornadoes). Security cameras outside your home that are weatherproof are often constructed with high-quality materials designed to last many years.

Learn more: How to Use Your Home Security Cameras Better

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Outdoor Security Camera System

Are Outdoor Security Cameras Worth It?

Security cameras help deter crime and give you peace of mind. If someone breaks into your house, the camera gives you the best chance of getting your belongings back. Security camera systems are definitely worth the money, especially if you can afford them.

What Is the Easiest Security Camera To Install?

The Arlo Pro 4 outperforms most other security cameras because it is wireless and can be installed anywhere. It is easy to install, and it captures video with excellent detail.

What’s the Difference Between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras?

Security cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, send signals to a monitor far away from one specific place. Surveillance cameras usually work on IP networks that connect the camera from a remote location to the security area that has been assigned to it.

Is Wireless CCTV Better Than Wired?

Minor damage is done to your home by wireless security cameras than by wired ones. It means that they are easier and faster to set up. There is no need to drill through walls or ceilings. Wireless cameras are also more flexible than wired systems because wires do not tie them down.

Do You Have To Have wifi for Security Cameras?

Home security cameras do not need wifi to work. You can connect them to a recording or storage device with a cable. And you can also have a viewing monitor that is separate from the camera and does not need wifi.

Do Security Cameras Record All the Time?

Most home security cameras are activated when they detect motion. That means that the camera will start recording when it sees something move, and you will get an alert on your phone. Some security cameras record 24 hours a day, called continuous video recording (CVR).

Is Dahua a Good Brand?

The most popular IP camera brands are Hikvision and Dahua. With a 17 percent share of the world market for IP cameras, Hikvision is the world leader. The second-best answer is data, with a prediction of 5.5%. Both systems are easy to set up, but PoE solutions are straightforward because they must be plugged in and turned on.

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