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Upper Bounce 7-foot Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Kids
7-foot Trampoline with Enclosure by Little Tikes
My First Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline: Bounce Pro 7 ft
Indoor/Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure by Propel Trampolines

Why Are Kids’ Trampolines Good?

The main goal of tiny trampolines such as these is to teach youngsters to jump. They will also exercise without realizing it, which extends and improves numerous of their abilities:

  • Balance – Every time your child jumps on the trampoline, their brain needs to find the center of balance. It will help them learn how to control their body over time.

  • Understanding rhythm – If you want to jump high on a trampoline, you must maintain a consistent rhythm. Jumping on a trampoline helps improve your dancing skills and gymnastics abilities.

  • Coordination – Bouncing on a trampoline takes coordination skills. If you use those skills during the jump, you improve yourself and get better and better.

Top 13 Best Trampolines for Kids

1. Upper Bounce 7-foot Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Kids

The Upper Bounce trampoline is an excellent choice for kids. It is made from steel and high-quality molded plastic, making it safe and fun. The steel frame provides stability, while the molded plastic helps to prevent injuries.

The springs on this trampoline provide a lot of bounce. If you intend to use it indoors, be sure you have enough space. The springs and the padding on them are the same as the padding on the enclosure poles. There is also a zip lock on the enclosure’s entrance, so make sure to close it at all times during use.

2. 7-foot Trampoline with Enclosure by Little Tikes

Little Tikes is explicitly designed for toddlers and elementary school children. It has a jumping surface that is 7 ft in diameter (2.2m). Plus, it has a good quality mat which will ensure that you can use this product for years. Remember that this trampoline is not for very high jumps. It is primarily meant for children just starting and learning how to bounce.

The Little Tikes 7 ft kids trampoline has a durable plastic frame instead of a standard steel frame. It makes it safer for jumpers because it reduces the chance of injury. The steel poles are also cushioned padding, minimizing the risk of harm. The trampoline features a strong safety net with a zipper entrance, ensuring no one falls out.

Assembly of the trampoline is easy and can be completed in under 45 minutes by one adult. The weight of the assembled trampoline is 75 lbs (34 kg). Another nice feature of this trampoline is the shoe holder, which can store belongings while jumping instead of leaving them on the ground.

This Little Tikes trampoline is designed for outdoor use but can be used indoors. The frame has a 1-year warranty that covers any possible defects. All other parts have a 90-day guarantee.

3. My First Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline: Bounce Pro 7 ft

It is a small (7ft) trampoline that is colorful and inviting. The hexagonal shape is unique, and the color combination of green, beige, and blue is calming. The enclosure is attractive, with three arched poles that hold up the netting. Entry and exit are done through a zippered entrance.

The safety enclosure net is very tight and almost see-through, making it easy for people to see inside. The steel frame is durable, with both steel tubing in the legs and poles. Even though it is large, the trampoline is easy to move around and can be used indoors and outdoors. All of the materials are UV-resistant and can be left in the sun. However, we’re not sure how long the colors will last – they may fade in the sun. The enclosure poles are wrapped in foam, but youngsters easily remove them.

The manufacturer designed this trampoline for children between 3 and 10. The weight restriction is only 100 pounds, which is ideal for younger children. Bounce isn’t the best, but it’s adequate for younger kids. Keep in mind that only one youngster should use it at a time.

The trampoline stands 16 inches from the ground and has a 23-inch entrance. Younger children might need help getting in and out, as there are no ladders.

Two adults are needed to put the trampoline together. It might be hard to pull the springs, so it’s best if two people do it. The trampoline is a good starter trampoline for children. It is sturdy and durable and looks nice too. It provides hours of safe entertainment for children, but don’t expect too much from it.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure by Propel Trampolines

This trampoline has a good bounce because it has 40 springs and is 7ft tall. The frame pad is of good quality and thick enough. The netting is well-made and taut, and there is plenty of foam around the enclosure poles.

The zippered opening on the trampoline is very sturdy and can be opened all the way. It makes boarding and disembarking easier. The trampoline is also stable because of the steel brackets. But it is light, so if there is a storm or strong wind, tie it down or put weights on it.

The weight limit of 150 lbs means it is not usable for many adults. It would have been nice if the weight limit was increased to 200 kg, but that would require making the product bigger, which has its own set of problems.

This trampoline is unusual in size, but it has some good features. It is well-built and exciting looking. Plus, it was not too expensive. This trampoline is a decent deal if you can cope with the size.

5. Skywalker “Seaside Adventure” Trampoline with Enclosure 5 ft (60″)

Kids will love jumping on the Seaside Adventure Bouncer because it is covered with colorful graphics of sea animals. It is happy-looking and enjoyable for small kids. The supplied trampoline cage fits directly to the mat, protecting all gaps and preventing your youngster from hitting a frame. Instead of steel springs, this trampoline features bungee cords wrapped around the mat.

The assembly of the SkyWalker 5ft trampoline is straightforward. Even though the instructions are confusing, you can use common sense to install it easily. When it is assembled, the total dimensions of this trampoline for kids will be 5x5x5.1 feet. This trampoline is meant for your child as their first trampoline.

The quality of the parts on this trampoline is excellent. However, one thing that lowered its rating was the arched poles on the enclosure. The poles are turned inward, making it possible to hit one part of them. The poles are covered with foam, but we think this is insufficient. A normal, straight pole design would be a far better solution. The trampoline may not look as great, but it would be safer because it is designed for children.

This trampoline is good overall, but it could be safer if the poles had a straight design instead of being arched. This trampoline is perfect for smaller kids and toddlers.

6. Skywalker is 3.3 ft (40′′) tall. Toddler Trampoline “Lily Pad Adventure”

The Skywalker 40″ trampoline is made for toddlers and is only meant to be used indoors. The trampoline has an enclosure, but we don’t recommend using it outdoors. Even though it is not particularly thick, the trampoline frame is appropriately padded. But safety is not a concern because toddlers can’t jump very high unless a child touches the curved central bar, which might be harmful.

The trampoline we got was different from the one in the picture. Instead of having six poles, it only had 5. The screws were also too big, so we had to go to the hardware store to buy more screws to assemble. It is strange because Skywalker is usually known for making good products.

7. Super Jumper 6 ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Kids

The Super Jumper 6ft kids trampoline surprised us with its high quality. For the price, it’s better than we expected. The frame is zinc-iron, padding 0.8″ thick and 10″ wide. The jumping mat is made from PP (PolyPropylene) and has six stitches.

The bounce on this trampoline is not as high as some others, but it is still a good choice for smaller children. It is because the springs are shorter (5.5″), and only 36 exist. The warranty on this product is one year for all parts. The assembled dimensions of the trampoline are 97.5″x72″x72″ (HxWxD), and it is meant to be used outdoors.

8. Kids/Toddlers 4.5 ft (55′′) Airzone Trampoline

Airzone kids trampoline is a great-looking trampoline that would be perfect for any occasion. It might be the answer if you don’t know what to buy for Christmas! With this trampoline, kids will be excited. It’s the perfect solution for letting your child play games and jump around without any worries that something might happen!

The 55″ Airzone mini trampoline doesn’t have the standard springs usually found in trampolines. It has very elastic bungee cords which act as springs and provide a lightweight bounce. You’ll also be happy to know that there is one less thing to worry about since the elastic bands are covered with padding and a thick foam layer.

9. Pure Fun 3 ft (36 inches) “Ladybug” Mini Trampoline

The Pure Fun Ladybug is a mini trampoline that will make your child happy. It has a face of a ladybug on it which can be detached and used as a pillow. The addition of the handlebar helps with stability while jumping. The complete trampoline is 36 inches in diameter, while the available jumping space is around 32 inches, more than enough for children.

Some people use their Ladybug trampoline while watching TV. It can be good because it means they are getting exercise at the same time. The dimensions of the Ladybug trampoline are 3.45x3x2.6 feet or 41.5″x37″x32″, and it weighs 22 lbs (10kg).

Overall, we think this mini trampoline is cute and would recommend it to other parents. It is made specifically for toddlers, so you know the quality is good. Your child will be happy with this purchase!

10. Bazoongi 4 ft (48″) Bouncer with Handlebar

When it comes to trampolines, Bazoongi is a well-known brand. This bouncer has a frog design around the mat. Unfortunately, this trampoline is only available in blue, and you can’t choose additional colors, something more appropriate for girls.

The trampoline has 30 steel springs that are 3.5 inches long. Together they create a great bounce, which is better than other trampolines in this category. The average child can jump up 12-25 inches high, which is surprising. But be aware that the springs might not last very long if they aren’t very good. The handlebar isn’t adjustable, so make sure it fits the child before you buy it.

The Best Trampolines for Kids

Nowadays, parents are looking for ways for their children to spend less time using screens and more time playing outdoors. Trampolining is a fun activity that can be played indoors and outdoors, regardless of the season or weather.

Running is a terrific method to release excess energy and is also beneficial for the heart. Running makes you better at balancing, coordinating, and moving around. You will also be able to run for a longer time without getting tired.

Trampolining is an excellent exercise form that does not stress your joints. It is suitable for children whose joints are still developing. Trampolining also positively affects bone density, making bones stronger and heavier.

What is the Difference Between Kid’s Trampolines and Regular Trampolines?

Kids’ trampolines are just like regular trampolines, but they are smaller. It makes them suitable for people who don’t have a lot of space. They also cost less than standard trampolines and are easy to store.

What to Look for in a Children’s Trampoline

Many types of kids’ trampolines are on the market, and not all are made the same. It’s essential to think about some things before you buy one. For example, how big is the trampoline? What type of surface is it made out of? How safe is it?

Age Appropriateness

There are different types of kids’ trampolines. Be sure to pick one that is appropriate for your child’s age while making your choice. While a trampoline that your child can “grow into” is a great idea, it is dangerous to use at a young age.

Base and Assembly

The base of a trampoline is essential because it provides the frame and helps to hold the whole unit together. A poor-quality base can increase the risk of the rebounder breaking, which could cause accidents and injuries.

If you want to buy a trampoline, ensure it has snap-in legs. Screw-in legs can loosen over time, and this makes the trampoline unstable.


The springs, including rebounders, are one of the essential parts of a trampoline. There are different types of springs, and some are better than others.

If you’re looking for a great spring, you should try to find a tapered steel spring. These ultra-strong and durable springs can support different body weights and movements. They offer far more flexibility than other types of springs.

Almost all trampolines have a spring cover to protect your feet and legs. It is essential in case a spring pops off while you are jumping. If the rebounder you want doesn’t have a spring cover, it’s a good idea to buy one.

Rebounders with bungee cords have a slow bounce response and are not as supportive as rebounders with steel springs. It can cause incorrect landings on the jumping mat and potential ankle issues. Bungee cords also wear out fairly quickly and will require replacement.

Jumping Mat

The quality of the jumping mat is essential for safety when using a mini-trampoline. The mat’s material should not stretch too far and must resist UV and weather damage if you plan to use it outdoors.

Replaceable Parts

Always check to see if the mini-trampoline has replaceable parts. It will be helpful if a part breaks or something is wrong with the unit.

Size and Transportability

Mini-trampolines and rebounders are both small pieces of exercise equipment that are easy to transport and store. They come in different sizes, and some mini-trampolines fold up and carry cases, making transporting them easier.

Best Trampolines for Kids

Mini Skywalker Trampoline with Net Enclosure

Kids will like the Skywalker Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net. The mini-trampoline has three sizes and a mesh enclosure to keep your child from falling off the jumping mat.

The Skywalker Mini Trampoline is a good choice for children between three and six years old. It features a one-year warranty and a 100-pound weight capacity. All other parts, such as the springs, jumping mat, and grip bar, are covered for 90 days.

This mini trampoline has a good bounce. It comprises 25 robust, non-spring bungee cords that will not pinch toes or feet. A 360-degree padded handlebar helps toddlers maintain balance when jumping. The enclosing net is directly sewn to the jumping mat, preventing children from falling out. The jumping mat features an exciting lily pad adventure motif.

  • System of non-spring bungee cords
  • 360-degree cushioned handlebar
  • Safety containment net made of mesh
  • Three available sizes
  •  Assembly is somewhat complicated and time-consuming.
  • The enclosure net may rip after prolonged use.

Fold-and-Go Original Toy Company Trampoline

The fold-and-go trampoline from the Original Toy Company is simple to put together and can support up to 150 pounds. It is an excellent choice for siblings of different ages to play together. The trampoline is 36 inches in diameter and weighs 18 pounds.

The trampoline has a pre-assembled mat and a sturdy frame. It also has six legs for extra stability. You’ll appreciate the 24-inch-high handlebar, which enhances the trampoline’s stability and safety while jumping. Plus, there’s a limited one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

  •  Very simple to assemble
  • Safeguard the handlebar
  • 150-pound weight limit
  • One-year limited warranty
  •  Touch is more expensive than some other tiny trampolines.
  • Folding for travel or storage is difficult.

JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline 72″ x 50″

Hours of safe delight are guaranteed with the JUMP POWER 72″ x 50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline for Toddlers. It has a strong frame of 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing coated with blow-molded plastic, as do the legs. It also contains 42 galvanized steel, zinc-coated springs protected by a lovely dinosaur-themed safety skirt.

The poles on this trampoline are padded with thick foam for extra safety. This prevents injuries and keeps everyone safe. A safety containment net made of UV-resistant polyethylene material encircles the entirety of the trampoline. The high-quality and weather-resistant material also goes into the construction of the jumping mat. It indicates that the trampoline can be utilized in either an indoor or outdoor setting.

Toddlers can play safely on the jumping mat thanks to the high-quality zipper on the enclosure net. The trampoline also has a swing that can be removed for more fun and can hold up to 110 pounds.

  •   Sturdy galvanized steel frame
  • Enclosure net with zipper
  • Cute dinosaur design
  • UV-and weather resistant
  • Removable swing
  • Low weight capacity

JumpKing JKRC1014C319 Rectangle Trampoline

The JumpKing JKRC1014C319 Rectangle Trampoline is a good, basic trampoline for beginner jumpers and small children. It is stable and safe, with four legs, and the jumping surface keeps jumpers on the same level.

The trampoline has an extensive safety enclosure net that will keep jumpers from falling off. The L-shaped zipper makes it easy to enter and exit and prevents people from falling off. The trampoline is made from environmentally-friendly materials, which makes it very affordable.

  • Simple construction and disassembly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Protective enclosure net
  • The stable four-legged structure that is environmentally friendly
  • Not appropriate for more than three children

Rave O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

The Rave O-Zone Plus is a compact, inexpensive water bouncer perfect for two young children. The little water bouncer features a five-foot jumping surface, a low profile, a 48-inch boarding platform, two mounting handles, and a slide for additional enjoyment. Several ropes are held around the water bouncer to help kids get on the slide from the boarding platform.

A terrific way to enjoy yourself in the water is with the Rave O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer. An additional anchor can be used for choppy lakes and oceans, and You can fill the 40-pound anchor bag with sand to keep it from moving. The small size of the bouncer makes it easy to inflate and deflate, as well as to carry around.

  • Ideal for children
  • Small and compact
  • Boarding platform and slide
  • Several ropes hold for easy mounting
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and durable
  •  Small capacity

Essential Tips and Advice Regarding Trampolines and Child Safety

Trampolining can be a lot of fun, but following some safety tips is essential. It will help keep you and your kids safe when jumping on the trampoline. Ensure that the trampoline is assembled correctly and that you follow safe jumping practices.

Trampolines and Injuries

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when two or more children jump on a trampoline together, there is a noticeably higher chance of injury. According to studies, multiple jumpers cause 75% of trampoline injuries, and smaller kids are more likely to sustain injuries than their bigger, heavier playmates.

If you fall, flip, or somersault incorrectly on a trampoline, you can get a significant injury to your neck. If the trampoline is on a raised surface, such as a deck, you are more likely to get injured seriously.

How to Reduce the Chance of Injury While Using a Trampoline

  • Don’t let a child jump on a trampoline alone; always have an adult nearby to supervise.
  • One youngster can only jump on the surface at a time.
  • Make sure kids don’t exceed the trampoline’s weight limit.
  • Tricks like flips, somersaults and other tricks should not be allowed.
  • Kids shouldn’t be able to hang from the safety net.
  • Check the netting around the enclosure and all the safety pads for wear and tear.
  • Place the trampoline on a flat, safe surface away from fences, trees, and other potential dangers.
  • Make sure that the trampoline is put together right.
  • Don’t try to cut corners. Make sure that some parts fit perfectly and are put together the way the instructions say.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Kids Trampoline

What Is the Best Size Trampoline for a 10-Year-Old?

Consider a 12-foot or 14-foot trampoline for a 10-year-old. The 10-year-old will have plenty of room to bounce on the trampoline because you want a fair distance between its center and its springs.

What Should I Look for in a Good Quality Trampoline?

Think about the frame design, weight, and material before you buy a trampoline. You must ensure that the frame is durable to last an extended period. The springs are essential too. Most trampolines have steel springs, but you can also find trampolines without any springs.

Is a 10ft Trampoline Big Enough to Do Flips?

Medium trampolines 10- to 12 feet in diameter are better for two people jumping simultaneously. It is the size range where trampolines become more like playtime powerhouses. The bounce is bigger, and you have more space for tricks and flips.

Can You Put a Trampoline Indoors?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against ever giving a trampoline to a youngster. It is because the risk of injury is high. Even if it is an indoor trampoline, it can be perilous.

Why Are Rectangle Trampolines More Expensive?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against ever giving a trampoline to a youngster. It is because the risk of injury is high. Even if it is an indoor trampoline, it can be perilous.

What Is the Best Size Trampoline for a 10-Year-Old?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against ever giving a trampoline to a youngster. It is because the risk of injury is high. Even if it is an indoor trampoline, it can be perilous.

What Is Age Recommended for Trampolines?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against ever giving a trampoline to a youngster. It is because the risk of injury is high. Even if it is an indoor trampoline, it can be perilous.

How Do I Pick the Best Trampoline?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against ever giving a trampoline to a youngster. It is because the risk of injury is high. Even if it is an indoor trampoline, it can be perilous.

Are Spring Free Trampolines Worth It?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against ever giving a trampoline to a youngster. It is because the risk of injury is high. Even if it is an indoor trampoline, it can be perilous.

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