If you’re seeking the best baby shower gifts, look no further! We’ve gathered all of the best baby shower gifts. There are practical items and cute things that every mom-to-be will love. Gather your friends, cut the cake, and look at these excellent baby shower gift ideas for new moms.

 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

 1. Milestone Baby Photo Cards

Milestone baby photo cards are a great gift for new parents. Watching your baby grow and complete all those amazing ‘firsts.’

Take pictures of your baby with these cards to track their progress and celebrate every milestone, from smiling to crawling.

Mom and dad can put the photos together at the end of the year to make a cool photo book.

2. Ergo Omni 360 All-In-One Baby Carrier

The Ergo Omni 360 is the perfect baby carrier for a new mom. It can be used from when the baby is a newborn to when the baby is 36 months old without any inserts.

The custom fit options mean it will fit any body type. There are multiple carry positions available. And be able to carry the baby anywhere she needs to.


DockATot is a baby product that parents have loved for many years. DockATot gives babies a soft and snug feeling that they love.

But what’s cool about DockATot is that it can be used for different things. You can use it for cuddling, playing, tummy time, supervised sleep, and even diaper changes in a pinch.

4. Skip Hop Baby Welcome Home Set

This Skip Hop four-piece 100% cotton set will help make your baby’s first public appearance a stylish one. The set includes a short-sleeved bodysuit, knit cap, jersey cardigan, and coordinating footed leggings.

This product is machine-washable and comes in three colors: gray, pink, and blue.

5. Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

This cool baby dome serves two purposes. It is a play space and a place for your baby to nap. It is perfect for when you and your baby are on the go!

The canopy cloth blocks UV rays. It may be used inside and outside and folds flat for simple carrying. Moms love how convenient this dome is for a variety of purposes.

6. Baby Shusher

The BabyShusher is a helpful tool to soothe fussy babies. The Shusher makes a noise similar to the sound of someone shushing. This noise has been shown to help calm down babies.

Every new mom needs some sleep. The Shusher can help her get much-needed sleep for herself and her baby!

7. HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle

The HALO SleepSack is a safe alternative to loose blankets in the crib. Blankets can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing.

The swaddle can help your baby sleep better and safer. It adjusts to fit each baby’s sleep style.

Swaddle your baby’s arms in, and have their hands by their face. It will help them sleep better. Good sleep is something every mom wants for her baby.

8. The Snuggie

The Snuggie keeps the baby’s pacifier nearby and easy to find. This way, the baby will get more sleep because they won’t have to keep getting up to find their pacifier.

The Snuggie is a convenient baby carrier. It has internal storage, making it easy to bring extra binkies, snacks, and baby wipes wherever you go. It would make a great shower gift!

9. HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera

The HOLABABY is a video baby monitor that also functions as a baby night light projector!

The setup is easy. You will be able to see your baby 24 hours a day with video monitoring that has night vision. It will give you peace of mind, whether it is during the day or at night.

You can talk to your baby. The multi-color night light will make the nursery look nice and play lullabies or nature sounds to help your baby sleep.

These two features can change your life if you’re a new parent!

10. Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse

The Soothe and Glow Seahorse is a fun nighttime friend for the baby. When the Seahorse is cuddled, his belly gently glows, and he plays over 5 minutes of music and ocean sounds.

The music has eight gentle lullabies and classical pieces. It also has calming sounds of the sea. After 5 minutes, the sounds and lights will slowly fade out so the baby can sleep without being disturbed.

11. Bumbo Multi Seat

The Bumbo Multi Seat can be used by a baby when they are a toddler. The seat grows with the child.

This Bumbo comes with straps that make it into a booster seat. That way, your child can sit in it from when they can start to sit. It is suitable for helping them with developmental milestones like feeding and playing.

The seat’s foam pad cushions the baby and can be removed to make more room as they grow. The tray attaches to the back of the Multi Seat, so it is easy to transport and store.

12. Miroco Night Light

The Miroco Night Light is perfect for breastfeeding or changing diapers late at night.

It is a gentle and safe night light for toddlers that they can use as they age. You can use it for many years.

13. Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Baby drool bibs are both trendy and functional. They keep your baby’s clothes clean and dry from drool, especially when they are teething.

Each baby bandana bib comes with snaps that can be adjusted to fit babies of different ages, from 3 months to 2 years old.

14.MastersViolin Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket

This knit MastersViolin swaddle blanket is cute and perfect for taking pictures. It is suitable for babies aged 0-12 months old.

The buttons are fixed, so your baby is safe. It’s a great little blanket to swaddle your baby in. It’s very soft, warm, and cozy.

15. Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad

This portable diaper change station is an excellent choice for moms. It includes a detachable padded changing mat, making it simple to clean. The station is also waterproof, so it will keep the baby safe and clean.

The wide mesh and zipped compartments are ideal for keeping diapers, wipes, creams, baby oil, and tiny toys for the baby close at reach.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Gifts for a Baby Shower

Do You Buy Gifts at a Baby Shower?

Giving a gift to the host is not required, but it is a kind gesture. A bottle of wine, a gift card, or something personalized would be great gifts for the host!

How Much Cash Do You Give for a Baby Shower?

Most people don’t want you to go into debt to buy them a gift. The average gift from family members is usually around $50-$200. A cousin might spend $50, while a grandma or close Aunt might aim for a higher-priced gift. If it’s a close friend, your budget might be around $100.

Is It Rude to Go to a Baby Shower Without a Gift?

Though it is customary to give a gift when someone attends a shower, guests should only be invited if they can help celebrate the upcoming arrival. If someone is invited to a shower but cannot attend, there is no obligation to send a gift. They may, however, opt to do so if they so desire.

Who Pays for a Baby Shower?

The hostess usually pays for the baby shower. But if the hostess wants, she can ask a few close family members or friends to help. It will help reduce the expense and make it easier for the hostess.

Do You Give a Gift When Baby Is Born?

Giving a gift to a family who has just had a new baby is a great way to show your joy. It is also an excellent way to show your support, even if you cannot see the new baby in person.

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