As a new mom, you understand the importance of selecting essential baby items. One of the most important items for your baby is an exersaucer. Exersaucers are a great way to help your baby develop their motor skills and get some exercise. This article will discuss the top Exersaucers currently available on the market.

What is an Exersaucer?

An exersaucer is a baby activity station that helps your baby stay active. It has a stable, circular base so your baby can’t fall over. People also call it a jumper. It’s a lot of fun for babies and helps keep them safe.

The Best Exersaucers

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

This Evenflo exersaucer is ideal for animal-loving children. It has Toucan birds, monkeys, and chameleons, making it the Amazon rainforest appearance. There are also eleven enjoyable activities for your child. Plus, it bounces!

Each activity and toy in the Evenflo “Life in the Amazon” helps your child develop different skills. These skills include fine motor skills, object exploration, tactile development, and more. The “Life in the Amazon” can also grow with your child. It converts from an activity mat to an activity center to a table, allowing it to be used from infancy to early childhood.

This model can be changed into a table once your youngster pulls up and walks. It will help encourage them to stand. Additionally, it is collapsible and includes a handle, making it easier to travel and store.

This baby saucer has some drawbacks. One is that it can be challenging to assemble, so that you might need your spouse’s help. Another is that babies can take the birds off easily and throw them on the ground. If you are searching for a portable exersaucer that can grow with your child, the “Life in the Amazon” model by Evenflo fits the bill.


  • Folds up for transport and storage
  • 11 activities
  • Toys and activities that promote the achievement of developmental milestones.
  • It can serve as an activity mat, play center, and toddler table.
  • The saucer can reboundSaucer can bounce.


  • Difficult to put together
  • Some toys can be pulled off

Evenflo Exersaucer Moovin & Groovin

Evenflo’s Exersaucer Moovin & Groovin is one of the most popular Exersaucers. It is popular because it is one of the cheapest and also reasonable. This exersaucer takes 12 AAA batteries, but only 2.25 hours of battery life are stated. You can turn the lights off to save on batteries, but at a fraction of the cost, Evenflo’s “Moovin and Groovin” does not require any batteries.

You might think that a less expensive model wouldn’t have as many features. You might be right. This model doesn’t have music or flashing lights, but it still has all the features you would expect from an Evenflo exersaucer.

It has a spinning function that allows your kid to reach all items and survey the area. It also rocks and bobs (but not excessively) to assist in strengthening leg muscles and maintain things entertaining. The tea party theme is also quite endearing. There are cakes to stack, flowers to rattle, and mirrors to laugh at in this tea party setting. You may extend the arm to bring the toys closer to your infant, which is fantastic. The teethers’ ribbons aren’t overly long, so there’s no risk of choking either.

The saucer base is very stable. It has four tiny feet that make contact with the ground, so it won’t damage your floor when you move it. At 14.5 lbs, it’s nearly half the weight of some of the other, heavier versions.

Evenflo’s products come with easy-to-follow instructions. You can set it up in around 15 minutes. The seat cover is also machine washable. Everything wipes down quickly too.

The obvious disadvantage is the lack of flashing lights and music. It also doesn’t have 60 toys like other baby saucers. However, it is available for a low price online, and you will save on batteries alone.


  • Relatively light yet stable
  • Three-position height adjustment
  • Rocks, spins, and bounces
  • Detachable toys
  • Very easy to put together
  • It doesn’t need batteries


  • No lights or music
  • Fewer toys than more expensive models

Jam Session ExerSaucer Jump and Learn

The Jam Session ExerSaucer Jump and Learn won an award for being the best alternative to a traditional exersaucer. It doesn’t have a wobbly base but a unique wobbly pad that is most useful for younger babies. The ExerSaucer Jam Session Jump and Learn was a huge success!

Evenflo is a trusted name in the baby product space, and they have products for people with different budgets. They dominate the exersaucer market because they have feature-rich and affordable products. For example, The Evenflo Jump And Learn have bells, whistles, and flashing lights. The key selling feature is that babies may bounce from a stable foundation and strengthen their legs.

The “Jump and Learn” model includes numerous toys that may be removed. It is fantastic because you can use it in vehicles or strollers with their current favorites. There are three activity stations with lighting and interactive activities .however, they require 12 AAA batteries, so proceed with caution!

Another significant advantage of the Jump & Learn is its ability to spin 360 degrees. Your child can play with the toys and look around the room.

Evenflo Exersaucers are pretty easy to clean. The seat cover can be machine-washed, and all the plastic parts can be wiped down with a damp cloth or baby wipes. From roughly five months until your kid begins to walk, you can use the “Jump & Learn” (about one year – 18 months on average). Because it cannot be moved, your infant will likely lose interest beyond this age.

The “Jump and Learn” has three adjustable heights to help your child keep their feet on the ground and start bouncing. Some parents have used it with a pillow at the back for four months. As always, it depends on your specific baby and how they develop. There are no two alike!

There are several disadvantages to the “Jump and Learn” method. It also has a large base that prevents it from fitting through doorways. That is, the room you install it in (which takes about 45 minutes, by the way) is the room it will have to stay in.

If you are looking for a baby saucer that bounces, spins, and has a lot of toys to keep your baby from getting bored, this might be the perfect one for you. It consumes a great deal of space, so it may not be the ideal option if you don’t have a lot of space.


  • Bounces & spins
  • Over 26 activities for baby
  • Interchangeable toys
  • 3 Interactive activity stations
  • Wipes clean and machine washable
  • Sturdy
  • Lots of toys to develop hand-eye coordination


  • Requires 12 AAA batteries
  • Too wide to move between room

Baby Einstein Reef Activity Saucer

Even though it won no awards this year, the Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer is still a great choice. It has been around for a long and has all of the activities and multi-language features that more expensive Exersaucers have.

If your child likes the ocean, this sea-themed Baby Einstein exersaucer is perfect for them. It has over 12 activities, including an electronic piano. It also includes a language discoverer and three different game types. Your baby can listen to delightful beach noises or play classic melodies.

The selection of toys appears limitless, yet it doesn’t stop there. Connecting loops allow you to add extra toys to keep things exciting and fun. The seat can also spin 360 degrees, allowing your complete infant access to all toys. For your growing child, there are three height positions. The seat pad is also relatively simple to clean. Take it off, wash it, and put it back on.

The Reef Activity Saucer has settings in English, Spanish, and French. Kids can work on their second (or third!) (or fourth!)language skills at a young age. Research shows that it’s the best time to do so!

Some parents have claimed that the piano keys are difficult to press and produce a static sound. To avoid such problems, always double-check that everything is installed correctly.


  • Adorable ocean theme
  • The seat rotates 360 degrees to allow access to all toys.
  • 12+ activities in 3 height positions
  • Spanish, English, and French language learning
  • The seat pad is detachable and simple to clean.


  • It does not spin smoothly.
  • The piano features firm keys and a static sound.

Others To Consider

Oribel Portaplay Activity Center Review

Baby saucers and activity stations have three significant drawbacks:

1) They are only good for around a year 2) They are large and difficult to store

3) You are not permitted to take them to their grandparents.

The Oribel Portoplay has solved the three problems with other activity centers and added some great features.

Converts to Play Table

The Portaplay can be used as a play table for your baby until they are five years old. It is ideal for toy car play, coloring books, and writing practice. It also gets them out from beneath your feet, a major benefit. The ability to use it till the age of five distinguishes this design from others.

Many similar designs only last for a year or 18 months at the most. Once my toddler could walk around by himself (about a week after he started taking his first steps), he stopped using the baby saucer. But once his younger sister started using it, he became interested in it again.

Adjustable Height

The Portoplay has three adjustable levels so that you can adjust the seat as your baby grows to keep them in a comfortable position. It will help them stay in the Portoplay for longer, so they won’t outgrow it too quickly!

Stores Easily

This Oribel baby activity center is foldable, which makes it easy to store. The legs fold, leaving only 8″ to the tallest toy, or 4″ if the toys are removed. It can be stored beneath your bed, in closets, or against a wall. It’s also easy to take with you when visiting your Grandparents. This idea is fantastic since it allows you to catch up while keeping your child happy and occupied (which looks great in the eyes of the mother-in-law).

5 Developmental Toys

The Portaplay has five different toys, each targeted to a different developmental stage. This aids in the development of certain critical gross and fine motor skills. The toys are detachable, allowing you to switch them out if your youngster grows tired of one.

Easy To Clean

All best baby activity centers share one feature: they are easy to clean. It is essential because it keeps things hygienic for your child and makes them easier to sell or pass on to the center. It also saves you time and hassle.

The Portaplay’s table surface, toys, and fabric seat are all easily cleanable. The seat can even be machine washed, making cleaning a breeze.


The primary disadvantage of this recreational facility is the price. It is well made and easy to store, so I expect it to cost more. Another drawback with the Portaplay is that there is no storage bag. When your baby is not utilizing the toys, they must be removed and are easily lost. It is recommended that you acquire a cheap bag to store items in so that everything stays intact.


  • Convertible: Can be converted into a play table.
  • Adjustable: 3 adjustable heights; suitable for children aged five and up.
  • Stores Easily: It folds and stores flat.
  • 360 Spin: The seat rotates so that your baby can reach everything.
  • The seat bounces 2 to 3 inches for more excitement!
  • Easy-to-clean: The table, seat, and toys are simple to clean.
  • Non-Toxic: Safety regulations are met and exceeded.


  • Expensive: Approximately twice the price of the others on our list.
  • There is no spare part storage bag.

The Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Review

The Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Activity Station is a baby activity center with more than 15 toys, games, and sounds to keep your baby entertained.

  • More movement, giggling, and beautiful moments
  • Awarded sitting-to-standing walker
  • Baby Walker around the activity center.
  • When the baby outgrows the walker seat, it can be removed. Suitable for children under 30″ tall

The majority of baby saucers place your infant in the middle. They are seated in the Bright Starts activity center to shuffle around a set table. It allows your child to go back and forth between activities. It is done to encourage walking and avoid posture difficulties. It also prevents your baby from becoming annoyed by items out of reach!

This activity center also comes with a lot of sounds. You can choose between melodies, animal sounds, and regular piano sounds. It also includes a flip book with tunes and amusing sounds your baby will like.

The Bright Starts Activity Center also functions as a walker and activity table. It’s ideal for babies who are learning to walk. Remove the seat and allow them to use the table as support when they are almost ready.

One downside to this particular design is the seat is not adjustable. Because of its unique design, it takes up a lot of floor space. This Bright Starts activity center is our favorite because it has more toys than the others on the list and also contains a piano.


  • It transforms into a walker and an activity table.
  • 15 or more activities
  • There are three play modes: melodies, animal sounds, and piano notes.
  • Innovative design that allows the toddler to move around the table.
  • Seat swivels, allowing you to shuffle sideways and walk forward.


  • No seat adjustments
  • It takes up a larger space

Best Baby Exersaucers In The Market

All babies’ parents need time for themselves now and again. This break can be used for many things, like fixing a meal, taking a quick shower, or drinking coffee. Your goal is to figure out how to keep your newborn occupied so that you may spend some time for yourself. The usage of an exersaucer is one possible solution.

Now we must ask – what is the best exersaucer for your baby? Because there is such a wide variety of Exersaucers available on the market, choosing the one that best matches your needs may be challenging. But there is no need to fear because we are here to assist you. The Exersaucers detailed below is our top choices among those currently on the market.

8 Best Baby Exersaucers Reviews

1. Fisher-Price K6070 Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is a favorite of many parents. It is a good choice for babies five months old or older. Before buying it, read its primary features to make an informed decision.

The Jumperoo is a stand-alone jumper that your little one can use to bounce all they want. It is bulky, wide, and stands on its own, so make sure you have enough space for it before you buy it. It folds up for storage or moving, but it’s pretty hefty, so you’ll need help opening the box and putting it together.

Although heavy, the weight of the Jumperoo is a safety feature that you will appreciate. When your baby jumps, the metal springs stretch and contract. The stretch and contraction could be dangerous for your little one without a weighted base.

It has colorful fabric protects your baby’s fingers from being pinched, and the music, lights, and sounds will keep your baby entertained. The chair can spin 360 degrees so your baby can always see something new. There are also three height settings so your baby can be comfortable as they grow.


  • Interactive toys that stimulate your baby’s touch, hearing, and sight senses are easily accessible with the click of a button.
  • Because of its adjustable three-height seat design, it is ideal for babies in the supported-sitter stage.
  • Ideal for bouncing as well as sitting.
  • A selection of toys (spinning rattle, peek-a-boo tiger, revolving sunbeam, etc.) are available to keep your child entertained, as is a 360-degree foldable seat.


  • When opened, it has a wide and hefty footprint.
  • Toys and activities may be too much for younger babies.

2. Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Interactive Activity Center

This Skip Hop product is fantastic. It contains practically everything you’d want in an exersaucer to help your baby grow. It is designed by occupational therapists and pediatricians who know what is best for your baby. This product allows babies to balance, move, and jump in a healthy way that benefits their bodies.

This product is versatile. It has a play table, an activity seat, and other features. One of these features is a see-through discovery window. This window allows babies to see their feet and how they move over the light-up piano. The piano shows spatial awareness and cause and effect with the sounds.

This product has a toy-attachment system clip that you can position at any point, depending on your baby’s abilities. There are 25 developmental activities and four toys, including a hooting peek-a-boo owl, squeaky clouds, swinging trees, and a spinner bead chaser.

Also included are a suction snack bowl and a foot support platform that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The rest of the Explore & More should be cleaned with a dry cloth.


  • Innovative toy clip attachment system to place toys anywhere
  • Converts to a sturdy table as your baby grows
  • A unique discovery window promotes special awareness by allowing your baby to see their feet
  • Features three functional stages of use: sit, bounce, and swivel


  • The discovery window is not removable
  • The keyboard is not tuned correctly
  • No springs for bouncing or jumping

3. Infantino 2-in-1 Seat and Activity Table

The Infantino 2-in-1 Seat and Activity Table is an excellent activity center for children aged four months to five years. It has many fun features. This exersaucer comes with six toys that make music and light up when your child presses them. The toys are spread out around the table, so your child can play with a different toy whenever they turn around. This activity center also includes a seat that can hold up to 25 pounds. The seat can spin around, so your baby can reach all the toys.


  • Height adjustable to accommodate your child as they grow
  • It can be transformed to table mode for older children
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • It does not come with batteries
  • Color rubs off on feet

4. Baby Activity Center at Galt Toys Farm

Because it lacks the bouncing base, the Galt Toys Activity Center is not an exersaucer. However, it is possible for parents with newborns under six months old. This Playtest features a soft triangular center with an inflatable ring. It is made of soft, durable fabric, making it comfortable for your baby and lasting long. The bright graphics of farm animals on the top side can assist excite your child’s hearing, touch, and vision.


  • It offers different sounds, patterns, and textiles to discover
  • Extra large
  • It helps the baby practice gripping


  • The zipper is too short
  • Not ideal for mobile babies

5. Tiny Love Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Activity Play Mat

Suppose your baby has better motor skills, creativity, and senses. In that case, the Dynamic Gymini by Tiny Love is a great choice. This active play mat is machine washable and comes with arches and a belly time pillow. The arches are adjustable, allowing you to tailor your playing. This play mat also includes a bird with a voice recorder. You can leave messages for your child to help them improve their listening skills. This Tiny Love play mat is an absolute must-have for your child.


  • Very large; can accommodate twins
  • It comes with hanging toys
  • Great for tummy time


  • It does not fold easily.

6. Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser

The Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser is perfect for active babies. It helps them develop rhythm and coordination. It also helps them to strengthen their muscles. This training equipment is simple and may be used inside or outside. It has a height of almost 6 feet but folds into a compact size for simple storage. The chair is accommodating, and it provides support for the spine.


  • It doesn’t need clamps
  • Adjustable height
  • Great lumbar support


  • It does not come with toys
  • Getting baby out of the seat can be a bit difficult

7. Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Jumper by Summer Infant

If you thought you couldn’t travel with an exersaucer, think again. The Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump is explicitly designed for travel. It’s one of the lightest Exersaucers available, and it folds down easily for transportation and storage. This portable activity center includes toys like a teether, spinner ball, mirror book, and rattle. Your toddler will enjoy bouncing up and down this activity jumper.


  • Ships fully assembled
  • It comes with a carry bag
  • Includes removable UV canopy


  • Not ideal for tall babies
  • Base a bit slippery

8. Kolcraft 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Infant/Toddler Activity Center

The Kolcraft 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Activity Center is an excellent choice for parents with babies who are 4-12 months old. This exersaucer has three stages, each with different activities and features. The first stage features a movable seat, a piano, and a variety of toys. Stage 2 is ideal for children aged 12-24 months and can be converted into an activity table. The third stage is suitable for children 24-36 months old and includes a magnetic art easel that can be used on the table, floor, or the go.


  • Twelve toys are included.
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Swivel seats allow your youngster to reach all toys.


  • It does not bounce
  • The seat is a bit stiff

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Exersaucers

Should Baby Feet Be Flat in Exersaucer?

If your baby can keep their head up and has reasonable upper body control, then you can place them in an Exersaucer. If your baby is arching their back, pushing their legs straight, or pushing up onto their toes, please stop using the equipment.

Can I Put My 4 Month Old in an Exersaucer?

Most play infants can use saucers as young as four. But if you want them to be able to sit in the saucer well, it is better to wait until they are older, around 6 or 7 months. It will help them have stronger trunk muscles and less tendency to slump over. Playing with a saucer should only take up to 30 minutes daily.

Can I Put My 4-Month-Old in a Jumper?

Most babies develop complete head control by the time they are five to six months old. Before placing your infant in a jumper, you should wait until they have achieved neck stability.

What’s Best, a Baby Walker or Jumperoo?

The main difference between baby walkers and baby jumpers is that baby walkers can move around a space. In contrast, baby jumpers allow for jumping, bouncing, and hopping movements in a stationary spot.

Are Jumpers Better Than Walkers?

While both baby walkers and baby jumpers have their advantages, jumpers are the better choice for babies. Baby jumpers provide entertaining toys while remaining stationary, making them essentially safer for babies to use.

Can a 3 Month Old Go in an Exersaucer?

Most play saucers can be used when a baby is four months old. But waiting until the baby is older and can sit nicely on its own will help them have enough trunk strength. If you’re going to utilize a play saucer, it’s preferable to do so only once a day.

Can Bouncers Cause Hip Dysplasia?

Bouncers should keep your baby’s legs in a natural, relaxed position. Bouncers that keep the legs open can pressure their hips and cause hip development problems.

Do Baby Jumpers Delay Walking?

If babies spend a lot of time in a walker or jumper, they will have a delay in reaching their walking milestones. Walkers and jumpers take away babies’ time on the floor, which is when they learn basic movements.

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