The Best Baby Wipes: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to taking care of your baby, you want the best products. One of the essential items for any new parent is a good set of baby wipes. But with so many different brands and types on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you.

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Water Wipes
Seventh Generation Free and Clear
Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes
Pampers Expressions Baby Diaper Wipes

Guide to the Best Baby Wipes

1. Water Wipes

This wipe is strong and stretchable. It doesn’t have a bad smell, and it’s gentle enough for delicate skin. It pulls out quickly from the packaging, which is easy to open and close, and the wipe feels soft.

These water-based wipes are more expensive than other disposable wipes. They are also one of the smallest wipes by 1-3 inches in length.

Water Wipes are a unique product. They are chemical-free, which means they are suitable for newborns and premature babies. Most parents will find the additional cost acceptable.

  • Only two ingredients
  • Fragrance-free
  • Durable
  • Smaller
  • Not the softest

2. Seventh Generation Free and Clear

This wipe is ultra-soft and more prominent than some competitors. It also has an adorable duck pattern. This eco-friendlier option has fewer ingredients, making it a great choice. Unfortunately, this wipe is not the most durable.

The Seventh Generation wipe works well to clean a poopy tushie. However, if there is dried poop, it might tear up and create a bigger mess than you want to deal with. Ideally, you will clean any tangles before they dry. This wipe is free from fragrances, alcohol, and parabens, making it suitable for parents trying to avoid chemicals or want an eco-friendly option.

  • Fewer ingredients
  • Truly scent-free
  • Soft
  • Tears fairly easily
  • It doesn’t stretch much

3. Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes

Mama Bear’s Water Wipes were a pleasant surprise for us, given our disappointment with their other wipes. This wipe is soft yet super durable, with no tears during testing. It has no smell and is free of concerning elements like alcohol, parabens, and phthalates. This simple, straightforward wipe is 99% purified water. The material includes 15% cotton for that soft feel that stands out in a crowd. The pack is easy to open and close, and the wipes come out one at a time without the dreaded follow-along wipe that leads to waste.

This water wipe is much cheaper than the other water wipes. It also contains Phenoxyethanol, which can be an irritant for some people. You may want to do a spot test before using it on your baby to ensure they are not sensitive to this chemical.

  • 99% water
  • Fragrance-free
  • Durable and soft
  • Contains Phenoxyethanol
  • 16 ingredients

4. Pampers Expressions Baby Diaper Wipes

Pampers Expressions Baby Diaper Wipes are thick, durable, and soft. They come in an easy-to-pack and use diaper bag with a unique pop-top lid that dispenses one wipe at a time. That prevents the read follow-on wipes from escaping from the package. The scent is light and non-offensive, and it doesn’t linger like harsher-smelling competitors. The wipes work well and remove messes easily. The wipes didn’t tear in our tests unless overly stretched, and testers agreed they feel good on the skin.

These wipes have fragrance, which means that there are chemicals that you cannot see on the package. We don’t know how many ingredients there are or what they are. However, if you want a wipe that smells nice and your budget is tight, these will do the job.

  • Inexpensive
  • One wipe pull top
  • Soft
  • Can tear if stretched too far
  • Contains fragrance

5. Honest Baby Wipes

Honest Baby Wipes are high-quality disposable wipe that comes in different package designs. These wipes are durable and thick and work well. They use chlorine-free processing (suitable for babies and the Earth). Chlorine-free processing is unique for this product, making them one of the most environmentally friendly disposable wipes.

Honest is one of the more expensive brands of wipes. Still, it may be a good fit for parents concerned about the environment and the use of chlorine in production. Honest avoids some of the top irritants and concerns.

  • Fewer ingredients
  • Larger
  • Free of alcohol, parabens, phthalate, & fragrances
  • Price
  • Not as soft as some
  • Vague materials

6. Pampers Sensitive

Pampers Sensitive baby wipes is a well-known brand name that you can find in most stores. This wipe comes in a flip-top pack that you can open with one hand, and the wipe itself is soft and thick. The Sensitive wipe is free of alcohol, perfume, parabens, Phenoxyethanol, and dyes.

This wipe is not stretchy, so it will tear if you push it too far. The pack is easy to pull from, but the next wipe comes out too much, which can be a problem. You have to decide if you want to use two wipes or push it back in and fold it so the lid will close. This wipe also has a scent that some people don’t like.

These wipes are fragrance-free, which means that there is no added scent. However, the wipes themselves might not be very durable and could tear if you stretch them. They are suitable for essential clean-up work, but you should not pull them too much.

  • Soft
  • Fragrance-free
  • Easier to find in stores
  • Can tear
  • Stronger scent

7. Mama Bear Gentle Fragrance-free

The Mama Bear Gentle Fragrance-Free Wipe is an Amazon brand wipe different from other Amazon wipes. It is thin and has embossed lambs on the surface for a cute look. It feels soft to the touch and is average in size compared to other wipes. This wipe is free of fragrance. Phenoxyethanol, ethyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates, and formaldehyde donors make it better for sensitive skin than the competition.

Unfortunately, these wipes are very easy to tear. It will tear as you pull it out if you try to get just one.

  • Free of dyes, parabens, fragrances, & some alcohol
  • Soft
  • 99% water
  • Tears easily
  • Thin

8. Pampers Aqua-Pure

The Pampers Aqua Pure is a high-quality wipe made with organic cotton and few ingredients. It is sturdy and stretchy, with no tearing in our tests. This wipe also has more moisture than many other wipes, which can be helpful in unavoidable messes or after a dirty diaper.

The Aqua-Pure wipe contains more than just water. It also has “organic cotton,” making people think that it is made only of cotton. However, the fine print reveals that only a “touch” of cotton is used, specifically only 15%.

This baby wipe has 1% cleansers and Ph balancers. It is more expensive than most wipes, but it does have fewer ingredients than other wipes. It is easier to find than some other wipes, making it a potential choice for parents who value fewer chemicals.

  • Free of dyes, parabens, fragrances, & some alcohol
  • 15% Organic cotton
  • More moisture
  • Marketing hype
  • Greenwashing
  • Higher price

9. HUGGIES Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Refreshing wipes are easy to find and popular. They have a cute bear embossed pattern and a super soft texture. These wipes are ultra-soft and work well on small messes. The package is easy to use but can be tricky to open with one hand.

The Natural Care wipes are not very natural. They have a strong fragrance that some people may find smells “fresh” and like plants. But others may find the smell too strong and hard to get past. The list of ingredients is also 12 items long, and the fragrance is one of them. The ingredients are probably a chemical concoction that we don’t need to identify.

These wipes are not as strong as some of the other wipes. They tear when you try to use them without much force. So you might need more wipes than you would with other, more durable options. Even though they are called “Huggies,” these wipes might not be very impressive. If you need a Huggies wipe, they make a fragrance-free version, but it is still likely that the durability is a problem.

  • Cute design
  • Super soft
  • overpowering smell
  • Easy to tear
  • Mystery fragrance ingredients

Ease of Use

The wipes themselves are not difficult to use, but getting them out of the package can be. It depends on the style of the package and how the wipes are dispensed. Some wipes come in hard plastic tubs. Or refills in plastic bag-style containers; some have flip-top lids that open quickly, and others have a thin recloseable film.

Not all wipes work the same way. Some wipes come out one at a time, like tissues. But other wipes come out so quickly that the next one pulls out too much, and it’s hard to close the lid. That can cause the wipes to dry out or get wasted.


When cleaning up a mess, it is essential to have a good quality disposable wipe. Some wipes can be torn or stretched, and some can’t. Some wipes also withstand the rigors of being used to clean up filthy messes better than others.

There are different types of wipes for various messes. For a quick swipe after a diaper change, any wipe will do. But for a more serious mess, like meconium during the first week or severe prune explosion later in life, you’ll need something more substantial.


You will be using these quick clean-up wipes many times a day, so it is essential to use gentle wipes on your baby’s skin. Some wipes have lotions and fragrances, which can cause a diaper rash or irritation on your baby’s already sensitive skin. For this reason, we recommend using wipes that have the least amount of additives or chemicals.


There are many different types of baby wipes available. You might be confused about which one to choose. We think the best wipes can clean up a messy blowout, stay in shape, and not tear. They should also be gentle on your baby’s skin and leave no residue behind. We think every family can find an excellent disposable wipe for their needs, regardless of their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Baby Wipes

Does It Matter What Kind of Baby Wipes You Use?

Many babies are sensitive to the ingredients in wipes. That can include perfumes and other chemicals. If your baby reacts to wipes, try using water-based wipes or those with the fewest ingredients. You might also want to start with a small package of wipes to see if they cause any irritation. Look for thick wipes to clean a baby’s bottom effectively.

Is Johnson’s Baby Wipes Safe?

The wipes are made with a very soft fabric that is safe to use on the baby’s skin. The wipes’ fiber technology helps clean the skin gently on it.

Are Pampers Wipes Bad?

Pampers baby wipes have been clinically tested to ensure they do not cause skin allergies or irritation. They are milder than a washcloth and water.

Are Pampers Baby Wipes Safe?

Pampers Pure Protection wipes with popular disposable diapers are made from premium cotton and 99% purified water. They’re soft and gentle, making them suitable for parents looking for a gentle wipe on a baby’s delicate skin.

Are Baby Wipes Full of Chemicals?

Many baby wipe brands contain harmful chemicals that can put your baby at risk for allergic reactions and other health challenges. It is essential to be aware of this and not use baby wipes directly on your child’s skin.

Are Huggies Pure Wipes OK for Newborns?

Huggies pure wipes are gentle and perfect for cleaning, just like cotton wool and water. They are also made with natural absorbent fibers that help keep your baby’s skin healthy. They are free from perfume, alcohol, parabens, and Phenoxyethanol, making them an excellent choice for newborns’ delicate skin.

What Are Hypoallergenic Wipes for?

Sensitive wipes for adults or wipes for sensitive skin are designed to be used by people with sensitive skin and allergies. They usually contain fewer allergens than other wipes.

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