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Patagonia Infant Hi-Loft Down Sweater Bunting
Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Bunting
Carter’s Hooded Sherpa Pram
Obermeyer Kleine Bunting

What Should You Look for in a Baby Snowsuit?

You should consider your kid’s age and mobility when looking for a baby snowsuit. You will want a thick, warm snowsuit with coverage on their hands and feet if they are mostly sitting in a stroller.

If your infant can walk, a footless snowsuit is essential so they can wear shoes or boots. If your baby crawls or enjoys playing in the snow, waterproof material is required to keep the infant warm and dry.

You will also want to consider how long the snowsuit will last. Babies grow quickly, so you will need something that will fit for a while. Consider how straightforward it is to wear and remove the snowsuit. It is essential because you must take it off for car seat rides and diaper changes.

9 Best Baby Snowsuits

1. Patagonia Infant Hi-Loft Down Sweater Bunting

Patagonia is a well-known company that makes outdoor apparel. The items they make are not cheap, but they are made sustainably and built to last. Parents who consign their Patagonia items can get them a lot of money back.

The Patagonia Infant Hi-Loft Down Sweater Baby Bunting is a small, lightweight piece of clothing that will keep your kids warm. It has 700-fill down and is footless with foldover hands to keep fingers warm.

The two zippers make it simple to put on and take off the snowsuit. It is also extra long, so your child can easily sit, stand, and crawl. Patagonia buntings tend to be large, so you might be able to use them for more than one season. But do make sure to try it on before buying, if you can.

  • super warm
  • packable
  • high-quality fabrics and zippers
  • easy on/off
  • great resale value
  • foldover hand and foot covers
  • pricey
  • runs large

2. Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Bunting

Many ski buffs know Columbia outdoor gear for its affordable, good-quality products. This duck-down snowsuit is waterproof and comfortable, with a microfleece hood and foldover hands and feet.

This snowsuit is wide. A lot of parents say it runs very large. Despite that, it has a lot of good reviews from parents. It is not as warm as our top pick, but it will still do the job well because it is waterproof and has 450-fill down.

  • very warm
  • variety of colors, sizes
  • water resistant
  • runs quite large
  • single zipper (but is full-length)

3. Carter’s Hooded Sherpa Pram

It’s a good option if your infant needs a warm outer layer on cooler days. The Carter’s Sherpa Pram is popular with parents with younger babies who do not require a bulky, waterproof snowsuit.

This pram is for babies that are less than a year old. The foldover hands and the ears on the hood make it cute.

  • inexpensive soft, and cozy suitable for a variety of conditions and trips
  • not warm enough for freezing temps
  • not waterproof
  • not offered in larger sizes

4. Obermeyer Kleine Bunting

Obermeyer is known for making high-quality adult snow gear. They come from Aspen, Colorado, which is known for its skiing. Therefore, they must be experts when it comes to cold-weather attire.

This suit is called the Kleine bunting. It has double zippers that go all the way down. That makes it easy to get in and out quickly when your baby has a blowout. The suit is also water- and windproof with synthetic fill. The hood is oversized and fleece-lined, so your little one will be warm in any weather.

  • extremely warm
  • waterproof
  • windproof
  • zippers on both sides for quick on/off
  • pricey, with a limited range of sizes and colors

5. The North Face ThermoBall Eco Bunting

The North Face is a well-known manufacturer of cold-weather clothing. Their products are often chosen for babies because they are lightweight and eco-friendly. The North Face is a good choice for parents who want to keep their babies warm.

The booties fold up at the bottom, making it easy for your little walker to wear their snow boots. (However, we recommend preparing for occasional face plants as they learn to walk in the snow.)

The ThermoBall EcoBunting quilted softshell is made with synthetic fibers that keep you warm in wet weather. It has the warmth equivalent of 600-fill down, which is perfect for babies with allergies or sensitivity to natural down. However, some parents claim that the outer layer isn’t completely waterproof, so this may not be the ideal choice for a long day of snow play.

  • It works with boots and is warm, excellent quality, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic.
  • not completely watertight
  • Not available in a vast array of hues
  • rather costly

6.L.L.Bean Ultralight 650 Down Bunting

This snowsuit is made with 650-fill down, and it will keep your baby warm without making them too bulky. The ripstop nylon outer layer is waterproof, and the fill is water repellent. It means your baby will stay dry, which is essential because wet clothing makes babies cold fast. The suit also has an insulated hood and rollover hand and feet warmers to keep your baby warm.

  • warm
  • waterproof outer and inner layers
  • insulated hood
  • not widely available

7. Hanna Andersson Recycled Insulated Full Zip Snowsuit

Hanna Andersson is a famous brand that makes very soft and durable clothes for children, especially infant snowsuits. Even though the dresses can be a bit pricey, the baby snowsuits are on clearance, so they are a good deal.

These snowsuits are made of recycled nylon that is eco-friendly and water-resistant. They are a great option because they offer a high-quality product at an affordable price. They still provide a wide range of sizes and are less expensive than many lower-quality brands on the market.

  • warm
  • water- and wind chill-resistant
  • respected brand foldover feet and hands, connected hood
  • may sell out due to a limited color selection
  • European sizing may necessitate measuring to determine the best fit for your baby.

8. JJ Cole Original Bundle Me

If your baby is in a stroller or car seat, it is often easier to put the layers over the straps instead of on their body. It can be awkward and sometimes unsafe.

According to the AAP, you should not buckle infants into car seats while wearing bulky clothes. It can interfere with how the car seat works during a crash. Conversely, babies become chilly rapidly, so you don’t want to take them on a winter drive in their cotton pajamas. Bundle Me was created to address this issue.

This bunting bag is made of high-quality fleece and can be machine-washed. It comes in different colors, and you can easily take it on and off. JJ Cole also makes waterproof options, which are excellent for people who live in the city and have to push a stroller in all types of weather.

The JJ Cole Bundle Me is a cozy baby bag that can also be used in a car seat. The back of the baby’s seat will be flat, and the straps will be against the baby for safety. To ensure your baby’s safety, carefully follow the directions.

  • suitable for highly young newborns
  • Warm and comfortable can be used with car seats if manufacturer instructions and AAP recommendations are strictly followed.
  • Excellent choice for babies in strollers
  • It is not ideal for walking babies and does not keep the head warm. The back must be zip open to use a car seat correctly.

9. Patagonia Baby Furry Friends Bunting

This bear-costume-turned-snowsuit is so cute! It’s made of high pile fleece that’s 100% recycled, so it’s considerate of the environment too. It contains elastic cuffs on both the hands and feet. It is an excellent pick as your baby learns to crawl, walk, and clap.

This garment zips from the neck to the ankle, facilitating diaper changes. It is not insulated or waterproof, but it is a thick fleece baby snowsuit that can be worn on cooler days.

  • soft and cozy
  • easy on/off
  • high quality
  • not as bulky as a waterproof baby snowsuit
  • not truly insulated
  • not waterproof
  • only a few color options

Best Baby Snowsuits

If this is your child’s first winter as a walking citizen, you’ll want a toddler snowsuit that can withstand the cold weather. Even if they’re in a stroller or carrier, a warm baby snowsuit will keep them warm during this chilly season.

Many kinds of clothing, such as hats, gloves, and boots, are designed specifically for cold weather. However, they might be unable to keep your child warm enough in freezing weather. Because of this, some stores specialize in selling snowsuits for children. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some winter essentials for babies and toddlers.

Choosing the Best Baby or Toddler Snowsuit

No matter what size you are looking for, consider these tips when shopping for a snowsuit:

• Waterproof or water-resistant fabric

To find a toddler snowsuit that will last through all your winter activities, look for something more durable than the everyday fleece all-in-ones. If you’re dressing an infant, a fleece baby snowsuit will keep them warm, especially if they’ll be riding in the stroller under extra blankets.

• The right size

Purchasing a size 3 for your one-year-old to “grow into” will frustrate you when your child struggles to move in it. According to numerous parents, toddler and infant snowsuits run large, so be sure to purchase the correct size.

• Easy on, easy off

Look for a snowsuit with a long zipper that goes down the length of the suit. It will make it easy to get your child in and out of the case. You will also want to find a snowsuit that opens up wide so your child can easily step into it. Remember, your child will still need to use the bathroom, so you will want them to be able to take the suit off quickly.

Types of Baby Snowsuits

Though they may not appear very different at first glance, various baby snowsuits are available. These are the most common ones you’ll find:

  • Puffer

These snowsuits are extra warm because they have an extra lining, like down, to help keep the baby warm.

  • Waterproof

Many snowsuits are waterproof, so they are better at keeping babies dry in snow and wet weather.

  • All-over

These snowsuits cover the baby from the arms to the feet. They work as a jacket and pants combo.

  • Overalls

Overall-style snowsuits are clothing that helps protect a baby’s lower body from the cold. The suit has pants and suspenders and is typically worn with a different jacket.

  • Fleece

These snowsuits will keep the baby warm on cold days, even if the baby gets wet.

How to Dress Baby for Cold Weather

You should usually dress your baby or child in what you are comfortable with them wearing. Plus, add one more layer of clothing. It will help keep them warm. When looking for gear, make sure it has the following features:

  • In addition to loose, breathable fabrics, there are also moisture-wicking ones (like nylon and polyester)
  • Multiple layers of clothing allow you to quickly remove or replace pieces as needed.
  • Waterproof materials prevent moisture from lowering body temperature, particularly near the baby’s feet and core.
  • Waterproof apparel
  • Accessories for cold weather, such as mittens and hats, retain heat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Baby Snowsuit

How Do I Choose a Baby Snowsuit?

When your youngster spends most of the day playing in the snow, they will need a water-resistant or, better yet, waterproof snowsuit. The lining should also wick away moisture to keep them warm and comfortable. Keep in mind that some snowsuits come with liners that can be removed.

Should I Buy a Snowsuit for Baby?

Your infant may not need a snowsuit if they spend most of their time in a car seat or baby carrier. Your baby needs a snowsuit if you’re spending time outside.

Should a Baby Wear a Snowsuit in a Car Seat?

Wearing bulky gear is often not a brilliant idea, such as winter coats and snowsuits, under the harness of a car seat. If there is a vehicle collision, the additional padding in these garments will rapidly deflate, creating space under the harness. Then, a child can slip between the restraints and be ejected from the seat.

Is a Stroller Blanket Necessary?

You should always have a stroller blanket if the weather changes. It is essential for both spring and winter.

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