The Best Baby Carrier for Hiking

If you’re looking for the best baby carrier for hiking, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will discuss the different baby carriers perfect for hiking and their benefits. So whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced hiker with a little one in tow, read on for all you need to know about baby carriers for hiking!

Top 11 Best Baby Carriers for Hiking

1. Lillebaby Six-position 360 baby carrier

The Lillebaby Six-position 360 baby carrier is a soft, frameless baby carrier. This means it is very lightweight. You can use it without any add-ons from newborns up to 45 toddlers. It doesn’t have the larger storage spaces of other baby carriers, but it still comes with a small pocket for those baby essentials.

This carrier also has a ventilation section that you can control with a zipper. This will help keep your newborn cool. You can also wear the carrier on your front, back, or sides. It even comes with a sun shade!


  • Lightweight
  • Ventilation panel
  • Wearer versatility
  • Sunshade


  • For weights up to around 45 lbs
  • Lacks storage space
  • For shorter adventures
  • It can get quite warm

2. Deuter Kid Comfort 3

The Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is an excellent choice if you want a baby carrier that is both comfy for you and your toddler. It is made with high-quality materials and is perfect for hiking trips.

This tough metal framing easily supports a toddler. At the same time, padding – such as on the stabilizing hip belt – ensures a good fit however many hours you’re on the trail. There are some handy pockets, as you would expect from the thoughtful team at Deuter, and a sun shade too.


  • Well made
  • Metal frame support
  • Hip belt
  • Pockets


  • Buckle can be tricky with a wriggling toddler
  • Over-engineered for everyday city use
  • Priced at the higher end of the market
  • Almost 8 lbs

3. MiaMily HIPSTER +

The MiaMily HIPSTER + baby carrier is designed to be ergonomic. This means that your child’s weight is spread out evenly across your shoulders and lower back, which can help stop the development of painful muscle spasms or aches and pains. The HIPSTER + is a soft baby carrier, which means it doesn’t weigh a metal support frame. It also weighs just 3 lbs!

This carrier is designed to support babies from three months old to toddlers of three years or 40 lbs. It has a minimalist design, but it also includes a small zippered front pocket. The carrier can be worn in nine different ways by the adult.


  • Just 3 lbs
  • Specifically designed to be ergonomic
  • For 3 months to 3 years
  • Carry baby in 9 ways


  • Not a dedicated hiking baby carrier
  • Frameless
  • Minimal additional features
  • Small zippered front pouch

4. Osprey Poco AG Plus

The Poco AG Osprey baby carrier is a mid-priced option in the series. It is the same weight as the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 baby carrier that we have already reviewed. The Poco AG Osprey has the famous backpack suspension system from Osprey.

This baby carrier has a lot of storage space, so you can take everything you need on a hike. It also has a sun shade, which is good for keeping your child safe in the sun.


  • Good back support
  • Storage space
  • Sunshade
  • Great harness design


  • 26 liters of storage capacity
  • Less comfortable than the Deuter
  • Almost 8 lbs
  • Not for everyday city use

5. Ergobaby 360 Cool Mesh Air

The frameless design of the Ergobaby 360 Cool Mesh Air baby carrier makes it easy to use and to pack away when you’re not using it. It’s also lightweight and comfortable for you and your child.

Frameless carriers allow the baby to be close to the adult’s body, which we think helps balance and skill on the trail. However, having your baby close can also make you sweat on harder paths.


  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Compact


  • Frameless
  • Lacks exterior pockets
  • Gets warm
  • Not a dedicated hiking baby carrier

6. Thule Sapling Elite

The Sapling Elite is Thule’s top-of-the-range baby carrier. It is an excellent baby carrier for light hiking because it has a lot of features that are helpful when hiking, like a daypack and smaller pockets on the hip belt.

The good-sized hip belt and shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit you. The Sapling Elite also has a solid support frame. The Elite also comes with a removable zip-off daypack, useful pockets on the hip belt, and stirrups for the child to put their feet on for extra comfort.


  • Designed for light hiking
  • Adjustable
  • Zip-off daypack
  • Pockets


  • Not as stylish as other models
  • The back panel could be softer
  • Almost 8 lbs
  • Not packable

7. Kelty Journey PerfectFit Signature

This baby carrier from Kelty is perfect for hiking. It fits the wearer well because of a new adjustment system that only needs a few straps pulled. The Signature is a middle-priced model in the Journey PerfectFit series (there’s also the basic model and Elite) and has many useful features.

This carrier comes with a wider child seat, stirrups, and a drool pad which can be easily washed and disinfected. There are also two zippered compartments for storing your necessities and a pocket on the hip belt for your little extras.


  • PerfectFit adjustability system
  • Wide child seat
  • Removable drool pad
  • Zippered compartments


  • Not packable
  • 26-liter storage
  • 7 lbs
  • Only one way to wear

8. Clevr Baby Cross Country Carrier

The Clevr Baby Cross Country Carrier is one of the lightest baby carriers with frames on the market. It’s also very affordable, making it a great choice for people who like hiking with their babies.

But that doesn’t mean the Cross Country Carrier doesn’t have some good features. It has a sun shade and a clear plastic hood to protect it from the rain. It also has a lot of pockets for storage.


  • Support frame
  • 5 lbs
  • Good pricing
  • Rain hood


  • Not as stylish as other models
  • For short hikes only
  • A little bulky given weight
  • Just one carrying option

9.phil&teds Escape

The Escape baby carrier is a great choice for hikers. It was designed in New Zealand, where people are known for being tough and for their love of the outdoors. This carrier is lightweight, weighing only 6 lbs 10 oz, and folds flat for easy transport.

The additional features of this stroller include:

  • A sun shade.
  • Stirrups for little feet.
  • Even a mat for changing diapers on the move.

Despite these clever design features, the Escape has a slim-lined look that won’t be out of place in the city or the country.


  • For city and country
  • Lightweight
  • Folds flat
  • Great style


  • Dedicated hiking baby carrier
  • Framed
  • Tricky adjustability
  • Smaller pockets than other models

10. LuvdBaby Premium

Another budget-friendly option is the LuvdBaby Premium baby carrier. It is made from ripstop polyester material, which minimizes the chances of it tearing. It also offers features similar to those offered by other brands, such as a mesh sun shade and tubular metal kick-stand, as well as hip belt support with useful pockets.

The LuvdBaby Premium is perfect for hiking in the city. It has a good look, and it won’t embarrass you. The padded shoulder straps will make you feel comfortable for a long time.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ripstop material construction
  • Hip belt with pockets
  • 6 lbs 7 oz


  • Mesh sun shade
  • Not a dedicated hiking baby carrier
  • Best for shorter hikes only
  • Metal frame

11. Piggyback Rider Scout

The Piggyback Rider Scout is different from other baby carriers on our list. It is much simpler than the other carriers, with just padded shoulder straps and a foot bar. The idea is that toddlers can stand on the aluminum bar to feel like they’re taking an active part in any hiking adventure.

The Piggyback Rider Scout is a good way to help children hike. It is good for children who are 2 years old or older. This will help them get ready to hike on their own.


  • Lightweight at just 3 lbs
  • Adaptable to a toddler’s height
  • Gets toddlers involved in hiking
  • Stepping stone to solo walking


  • Stripped back design
  • No pockets
  • No sun shade
  • Hip belt charged at $30 more

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Carrier for Hiking

Can You Use a Baby Carrier for Hiking?

While you can use a regular baby carrier, most of them don’t have the back support you need for a long hike. They also don’t give your baby a good view of the scenery around them. Hiking backpacks are designed to let you comfortably carry a lot of weight (baby + gear) for a long time.

What Should I Look for in a Baby Carrier for a Hike?

When choosing a baby carrier, ensure one with ample padding, especially for the head. For example, the Osprey Poco AG has removable stirrups that help keep your child’s legs comfortable. Additionally, look for a carrier with an adjustable seat height to ensure your child is comfortable as they grow.

Do You Need a Hiking Child Carrier?

If you often go on difficult hikes or hiking, you will want a framed backpack carrier. Carriers without frames can be used, but they don’t work well when distributing weight and staying balanced.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Hiking Backpack?

Some baby backpacks come with hoods or straps to help support a sleeping baby’s head. This can be helpful when the baby is in the front or back position. In other backpacks, the sleeping baby should be in the front, where mom or dad can securely hold onto the baby’s head while hiking.

How Do You Use a Soft Structured Carrier?

It is important to wear your baby in a carrier that fits snugly. There are spaces between the shoulder straps, shoulder strap connections, and waist belt that, if your SSC is worn too loosely, can allow your baby to fall through. Always check your carrier to make sure it is in good condition.

How Old Does the Baby Need to Be for a Hiking Carrier?

Most soft-structured carriers can be used from birth, but hiking packs are meant for kids around 6 months old or older. You might want to use a soft-structured carrier and a diaper bag for shorter trips with a younger child.

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